May 1st International Mother Goose Day

Who of us hasn’t spent some time with Mother Goose? Stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Little Red Riding Hood, created back in the 1650’s have become a part of our lives. They more than likely were stories handed down over the centuries before someone finally wrote them down. I am sure they have been altered some from the when the stories were first told but, like nearly any form of art, they have probably been made better by the edits. The day was created by Gloria T. DeLamar after publishing her own version of Mother Goose.

How to celebrate – Re-read Mother Goose. Dress up like Mother Goose and read stories to children. Start a Mother Goose club.

January 23rd Measure Your Feet Day

For some reason, today is Measure Your Feet Day. It is important to know the size of your feet so that you know what shoes to buy, rent when bowling, or flippers to get when swimming. Why we need a holiday to celebrate this is somewhat in question.


Probably the most famous foot belongs to Cinderella. Her foot had to fit into that glass slipper. As the original fairy tale goes, one of her step sisters actually cut off her toes to try and force the slipper to fit. It didn’t work. I suppose, since it was a fairy tale she was later able to re-attach them.


And apparently it is not just the length that needs to be measured but the height, width, and even which way your toes bend. It also depends on your arches, and any toes you may have that are longer than others. There is supposed to be some equation about intelligence levels as marked by the length of certain toes.


And did you know that both feet are rarely the exact same size!?! I have no idea what that means other than you might have to buy two pairs of shoes and make one set out of them.


So I doubt this day will rank high on your list unless you have a foot fetish. Take care of your feet though, as they are one of the most abused parts of your body.

How to celebrate – Go ahead and measure your feet just for the fun of it. Measure your feet over several days and see if they change daily. Compare your feet today against those of the booties you wore as a baby.