November 1st All Saint’s Day

Today we celebrate all those Saints in Christianity, most set by the Catholic Church. Many of the Saints were martyrs who died in the love for Christ and the people who follow him. There are many who pray to the Saints for their help and guidance. There is little doubt they were devoted people who were leaders just by living the lives they lived.


All Saint’s Day was originally called Hallomas and celebrated in May. It was moved to November to help combat the pagan holiday of Halloween. The leaders of the church believed that Halloween had become too popular and could not simply be ignored or destroyed by the church.


There are over 10,000 Saint’s, all appointed by the church. Most are designated to cover some human fault or some human need (which pretty much seems like the same thing). Most Christian religions believe there are Saints, though they do not expect them to intercede on their behalf.


The honest truth is, no one knows for sure. So if you believe in Saints, Angels, or Guardians then I see no reason to stop the practice. If you do not, what harm is there in letting others believe they are being served in some way by these Saints. They generally ask things those on earth have no chance of answering.


Believe in Saints or not, today is their day… not yours. If you are a believer I hope the Saints will help you with your request, if you do not believe, I hope they don’t hold it against you on judgement day.

How to celebrate – See how many Saints you can name. Find out which Saints assist with what needs. Study what it takes to become a Saint.

December 3rd Advent Season

Today begins the season of Advent. The 4 weeks before Jesus was born in the Christian religion. It is a Holy Season, the most Holy Season on the Christian Calendar. It is the preparation for the birth of Jesus, a time for prayer and joy.

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The date does vary with the year, since the days of the year change. This year Advent begins on the 3rd. It always falls on Sunday 4 weeks before Christmas. Every Sunday has a different meaning, celebrated by lighting candles on a wreath, a German tradition.


There are four candles on the wreath, three purple and one pink.The first lit is a purple one and stands for hope. The second purple is for love. The third is the pink candle and stands for joy, also known as Joyful Sunday. The 4th candle, third purple is for peace. Most wreaths also contain a white candle center, lit on Christmas for the birth of Jesus.


Different religions have different beliefs and each has key days they celebrate. All should be allowed to celebrate their own days without interference from others. Most honor this belief, for those that don’t they have no real religion.

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How to celebrate – If you are Christian, celebrate the beginning of the Advent Season. Create your own wreath for Advent. Attend church at least one of the 4 Sundays in Advent.