October 23rd National Mole Day

Yesterday was a day of choices, today there are even more choices. What is a mole? Is it that creature that crawls under the ground, that bump that grows on your skin or a spy deep inside your society? What about the chemical formula Avogadro came up with? The atomic mass of the molecule? Bet you wouldn’t have picked that one! 6.02 times 10^23. Well we celebrate today to honor his discovery. I am still trying to figure out why but that’s not important. What is important is that it is another day to party! Like you really needed a reason to anyway! If we honor the accomplishments of others, even if we do not understand them, then we honor life itself. Today might be Avogadro’s day. maybe tomorrow will be yours!

How to celebrate – Study chemistry. Look for moles in your yard. Find out how many molecules you are made out of.

October 23rd National Mole Day

Wow, when I heard today was Mole Day I instantly thought of that funny look creature that digs up our yards, little did I know it was something scientific! But I was wrong and while I am still not sure exactly what the day is, I will celebrate along with every chemist in the world.


The day began when an article appeared in The Science Teacher in the 1980’s. The article was championed by Maurice Oehler, a chemistry teacher in Wisconsin when he formed the National Mole Day Foundation on May 15th. 1991. Still confused, me too.


Apparently it has something to do with defining the particles, or atoms or molecules in a mole. It is one of seven base SI units. The others being metre, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin and candela. I guess that’s what separates chemists from the rest of us.


Well, I’m not sure how to celebrate it because even after reading and re-reading the definition I still don’t know what it is! I am glad chemists do though since I think it is real important! I should have paid more attention to my high school chemistry class.

How to celebrate – I am going to take a nap. Go back to school and relearn chemistry. Move on to tomorrow!