November 9th Chaos Never Dies Day

Ever notice how when you put out one fire another one seems to start? It seems like when we are not dealing with chaos we are creating it. We create it in the roads we build, the ideas we try to garner support for, and in the relationships we live with. It seems to me that a lot of people are happier when they are surrounded by chaos. It gives them fires to put out, even when they might be better to let burn out themselves instead. Sometimes, even the answer to chaos is chaos. Sort of like the old saying, fight fire with fire. Maybe the answer to beating chaos is to not care. If you don’t care about anything then nothing can be chaotic.

How to celebrate – Look for all the chaos in your life. Learn how not to create your own chaos. Accept chaos as a norm, then it’s not chaos anymore.

November 9th Chaos Never Dies Day

There are very few things we can count on in life anymore… but we can always count on chaos! It will be there no matter how much we plan, practice or take care not to create. It may not be welcome but it will come to keep us on our toes and teach us how to deal with things in the future.

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The funny thing is that chaos comes generally from out of nowhere. It’s a surprise! Maybe not a good one but still.. a surprise. And generally some good comes out of chaos. It may take a while to recognize what it is but there will always be something good. Maybe just solving the issues proves you are capable, that’s a plus!


And when it gets really, really bad, just remember all those Christmas lights you untangled a day before Christmas Eve last year! Sure they were burnt out after you got them untangled but the important thing is, you got them untangled!


So go ahead and put those fires out today, they will probably be back again tomorrow. Well, at least it keeps you busy! Just think of chaos like an old friend that comes often and generally stays too long.


How to celebrate – Look chaos in the eye and defeat it. Eat a good breakfast so you are prepared to meet chaos head on. Put together a chaos taming team.

November 9th National Chaos Never Dies Day

If you have ever been a room filled with children, you will have a complete understand of this day. Chaos is everywhere! Actually chaos is a part of nearly every day you are out in the public. Just think of your drive into work every morning!

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And you know you are in for it if when you have a bowl of alphabet soup the first word that appears is “Chaos”. However, I guess you cannot know control unless you have experienced chaos. That brings up the term, “Controlled Chaos”. Is there such a thing as controlled chaos? Can there be such a thing as controlled chaos? Is it not a contradiction in terms?

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There is a “Chaos Theory” as well. Let’s just say it has something to do with mathematics, enough said.  In truth, a little chaos in one’s life can be a good thing. It keeps you on your toes and makes you use to brain to figure out how to avoid chaos the next time.


Don Adams needed Kaos in his life to have control! He would not have had a job if not for Kaos and obviously Control would not have been required if not for all the Kaos that existed.


And I remember the coldest day of  the year, maybe even the century, where I live, throwing my wedding into chaos on November 9th… but its still the best day of my life so see… good things can come from chaos.

How to celebrate – Well, I’m going to celebrate my anniversary! (You can too but it may not mean as much to you) Challenge all the chaos in your life and try to restore calm. Pretend you are Maxwell Smart, spy against Kaos.