January 14th National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Do not be surprised if you find your pet hiding from you today when you get up. They have pretty good memories and may remember that today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. The day was created by Colleen Paige and surprisingly she is an animals advocate.


I say that because, I have never met an animal that likes to be dressed up! Ever! Now before you get all bent out of shape I know they can look cute. But lets face it, they were born naked! Well then, so are people. Actually, they are born more dressed than people!


Well, at least she picked a winter day where they smaller pets can be somewhat protected from the cold. Since many animals look like their owners, or visa-versa, at least you can wear matching outfits! Sometimes your pets may even look better in that matching outfit than you do!


But let’s face it, do you really think they like it!?! You notice there are no cats in these photos. That’s probably because when yo dress up a cat, you rarely have any fingers left to push the button on your camera.


Now I am all for spending time with you pets and having fun. It’s just that fun should be something shared with your pet, not solely in your eyes. Enjoy your pets, but let them enjoy you too.

How to celebrate – Spend the day with your pet. If you want to dress them up, ask them first. Make sure you get, or make, matching outfits.

August 28th Race Your Mouse Day

Okay, so I am sort of getting use to useless days, but I guess they can be fun… or at least sort of if you can figure out what it is you’re supposed to do to celebrate them. Or even why they exist at all. Most seem to come from a company called Wellcat.com, which makes a profit on these days but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how.


I am not downing them, they must be doing well, at least for cats, but what the heck is race your mouse day? I mean, is it a computer thing, do you keep pet mice, do you torture a mouse by letting your cat chase it? No one seems to know… and frankly, I don’t think anyone really cares.


If it is a computer thing, you can’t win so what’s the point of playing? And if it’s an animal thing it isn’t going to end up pretty however it ends. So just what do you do to celebrate something either impossible or gross?


So I’ve been thinking about it. What can one do to race a mouse? And why would one even want to race a mouse? Does the mouse know if it wins? Does the mouse care? I think, however, I may have come up with an answer….

august - race your mouse

Race Mickey Mouse at Disney! I know he isn’t yours and I know that it will cost you several hundred dollars just to get in and see Mickey. (Maybe Wellcat gets a percentage of that!)  Either way, if you aren’t thrown out of the park afterwards you can at least spend the day enjoying the rides and sights.

How to celebrate – You tell me!?! Go to Disney. Get a life.

July 29th International Tiger Day

There are probably only 3,000 tigers left in the world… that includes those captive in zoos. This majestic animal has been hunted, it’s habitat destroyed and, of course, the natural course of life. The day was created at the 2010 International Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia.

images (2)

It’s a shame that man feels so compelled to destroy what comes naturally in the world. If man was not able to arm himself with guns the tiger would probably remain the King of the World. There are few animals that can tangle with a tiger and survive. But the tiger rarely kills just for the sport of it, unlike man.


And by building on the land the animal lives on, there are few places left for it to go. It does not own land. It has to be able to hunt and live in an environment it can function in. The only safe place for the tiger to live anymore is in a zoo, maybe someday the only safe place for man will be in jail cells as well.


Now I know many don’t care. They only live for what they want when they want it… but boy will they fight back if they can;t have it. Same for the tiger. Why we feel superior to the creatures of the world we should learn the planet does not just exist for humans.


So help those around you to understand that they aren’t more important than the other creatures of the world. Live and let live. The majestic tiger deserves a place in this world just like the rest of us.

How to celebrate – Study the plight of the tiger. Visit a zoo to see tigers. Support those who want to save the tiger.

July 22nd National Rat Catcher’s Day

Well, here’s a day that comes once a year but probably should be celebrated much more, National Rat Catcher’s Day. And while one might think it’s about catching rats it really isn’t.

images (2)

The world’s best rat catcher is no doubt the cat… though my dogs pretty good at it to because the cats taught her. I doubt many humans could keep up with natures real rat catcher, the cat. Of course they torture them before they kill them, that’s kinda cruel, but again, not really what this is is all about.


This is about the Pied Piper of Hameling and it comes to us from his efforts in 1284 Germany. Naturally in 1284 people were worried about the plague, which most knew came from rats that lived in their community. Well it turns out it really wasn’t actually from the rats but from the fleas on the rats! Anyway, the Pied Piper was hired to get the rats out of a village town. When he accomplished this feat, by playing on his fife and leading the rats to the river where they drown.


When he returned, the mayor of the town refused to pay him for his work. This supposedly happened on June 26th, 1284. Well he returned to the town, We think on July 22nd, and led the children of the city out to the river exactly as he had the rats. Now there are several versions of this story but the real ending is that he led the children to the river where they did exactly the same as the rats.

images (1)

This led to the the town instantly regret of not paying the piper for his services. So while we think rat catchers as what it’s all about it is actually all about… paying the piper!

How to celebrate – Let your cats out to do what they do today! Make sure you live up to any agreement you have made. Read the story of the Pied Piper of Hameling.

June 4th National Hug Your Cat Day

National Hug Your Cat Day June 4th, 2018

National Hug Your Cat Day


We humans want to be pampered by soft, cuddly things in our lives.  That bathrobe that awaits us stepping out of the shower, those slippers that hug our feet after a long hard day, that kitty that is wrapping itself around our legs as we try to walk.  You pick it up, give it a gentle squeeze and then head to the bathroom to get band-aids and some antiseptic to ease those razor like scratches now running down your arm, face and anyplace else they may have penetrated.


There is no doubt that cats do like to cuddle, they even like the occasional hug, but make sure you do it on their terms, not yours.  Just remember that because they are purring one second does not mean they will not rip you apart the next! So we suggest that one term be added to this day for those who want to hug your cat, that term is “cautiously”.  Perhaps adding gloves, a helmet and full body armor to your wardrobe to cuddle with your kitty.

images (1)

How to celebrate: Get or find a cat.  Hug the cat you have or have found. Apply band-aids after washing off the wounds.

February 20th Love Your Pet Day

I love animals.  They commit to us humans without expectation, though they do hope a lot! If you are going to have a pet, you need to love it or don’t bother. They have feelings too, they need love just like any other animal including humans.


There are certain things you should probably not share with your pet. Like taking your fish for a walk (Unless you bring the tank with you) and I definitely suggest not taking your cat swimming.


Cats are special creatures. That’s probably enough said right there! We have ten cats, yes, I said ten. Each of them has their own personality and have to be treated accordingly. They are very loving though (When they aren’t ripping you apart).


I have to admit though, I am a dog person. Dogs are, to me, very special. We have only one dog but I absolutely adore her. They are great company, a little easier to predict than a cat, and always want to spend time with you. You can talk to them, it seems like they understand you, and they never repeat what you say.

images (1)

And given the chance, animals will get along with each other. My cats adore my dog too. And she has a great deal of fun with them, chasing them and being chased by them. We also have fish but ours are not real cuddly.

How to celebrate – If you have a pet, love it. Get your pet a special treat today to remind them you care. Try and guess what your pet is thinking.

December 15th Cat Herders Day

I don’t care what job you have, no matter how difficult it gets, no matter who you have to put up, with it can’t be as bad as herding cats.


It’s hard enough to get one cat to go where you want it to go, imagine trying to do that with a hundred, or a thousand! Imagine trying to get them all to do the same thing at the same time, or go the same place at the same time. Put an empty box down in the middle of the floor and a hundred of them will all try to get in it at the same time, but aside from that, you might as well forget it.


I am sure some of you have jobs nearly as complicated or impossible to do. I work with a hundred kids daily and it’s almost the same thing. Apparently Thomas and Ruth Roy know all about this as they created the day for Wellcat.com. Though my guess is that this is not an entirely new thing as there were posters speaking on this as far back as the early 1800’s.


That said, I don’t know if the position actually exists today. Sheep are bad enough, dogs would be a chore, but cats… well that’s really impossible. Can you imagine Santa having to deal with cats instead of reindeer?


Well cats are meant to be enjoyed, not herded. So enjoy your cat for all it does, and doesn’t do.

How to celebrate – Try herding you cats just for the fun of it – even if you only have one. Remember anytime your job seems impossible, someone was once a cat herder. Buy your cat some catnip for Christmas and let them go crazy.