October 3rd World Card Making Day

Remember back when Greeting Cards use to be sent by mail. Seeing one in your mailbox was always a joy. E-cards are really cool, you can have them animated and with music but they just aren’t quite the same. Those Christmas Cards with the family portrait, the birthday greetings with some silly picture or statement, or both. Well today promotes the idea of going back to those days by creating your own cards. Now I suppose you can do that online if you are some computer wiz but that ability is beyond most of us. So today, create your own card and send it out. You probably will surprise someone but make them very happy as well.

How to celebrate – Make your own greeting card. Make it a family project. Remember it’s not the quality of the art but the thought that matters.

February 21st Card Reading Day

Remember back when the only way to get a card was through the mail or hand delivered for a special occasion? It was such a joy to receive a card from someone for the holidays, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and sometimes… just for no reason at all. The world has changed, today email and digital cards are more popular and probably more practical. However, they don’t actually mean the same thing. You can’t put them up on your mantel or display them for others to see (well you can if you print them out or make them your desktop background). There is something special about getting a card from someone, it’s even better if it’s from someone you know.

How to celebrate – Send someone a card today. Go to the store and read through all the cards in the card section. Start writing your own cards.

December 28th Card Playing Day

Now that the major part of the holidays are done it’s time to relax (although New Years is still yet to come). One of the best ways to relax, and still keep your mind busy, is to play cards (maybe not poker though). Playing cards is a fun way to pass the time and carry on conversations while not sitting around doing nothing. It can be challenging, somewhat exciting and always contains a bit of luck. Kids can spend hours playing cards, some games like slap jack and spoons can get a little noisy but if it happens to be snowing outside, or too cold to go out, it’s a good way to contain their energy. Cards also keep your mind sharp.

How to celebrate – Play a card game. Organize a Bridge tournament. Learn a new card game.

March 24th National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

Well, it seems like we tend to celebrate a lot of days that really aren’t all tat important. I don’t think i would put Chocolate Covered Raisins at the top of my list unless I were planning on playing Bridge today. Not that there is anything wrong with chocolate covered raisins, I do like them but I do not know that I would go as far as to actually celebrate them. On the other hand, they should, or could, be named a health food. After all, chocolate comes from the cocoa bean which is a vegetable and raisins are a fruit, so when we eat chocolate covered raisins we are eating our fruits and veggies! I just think the sugar involved here may sort of take it out of the range of most health foods. Still, it is a way to have something sweet and make the world think you are just being patriotic by eating them, after all it is national. Though I don’t think the government actually sees them that way.

How to celebrate – Have some chocolate covered raisins. Eat your fruit and vegetables. Play Bridge.

February 21st Card Reading Day

You know all those cards you saved over the holidays, intending to read them sometime? Well today is the day to finally read them, or re-read them, and then maybe throw them away! It’s also the opportunity to read, or re-read, those e-cards sent to you and then delete them! Remember to keep a list of those who sent you cards so that you remember to send them to those same people next holiday!

Cards are not the same anymore. I love e-cards but they do seem a little impersonal. They are much more elaborate than the regular cards one can send, and a lot less expensive! You can also wait to send them until the last minute if you are that type. (And who among us isn’t!)

Cards do mean a lot, whether they are hard copy or e-cards. They let someone know you care and are thinking of them. That really does mean a lot when we are so busy with all we have to do. They make the days brighter for those sending as well as those receiving.

How to celebrate – Re-read cards you have received. Check out your future with Tarot cards. (Just don’t believe in them) Design your own cards to send out.

December 28th National Card Playing Day

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire insides delightful. And since we’ve no place to go…” let’s play cards! Actually cards are pretty cool any time of the year, but there is just something about playing cards when it’s nasty outside that really helps to pass time.


The whole family can get involved or it could be just the kids, or just the parents! There are so many variations of cards that’s you can find something for nearly everyone. They don’t get in the way of your snacks or drink, you can carry on a conversation and still play the game.. maybe not very well, but that’s not the important part!


Often playing cards is just an excuse to get your friends or family together when you really don’t have a reason otherwise. You can make the games as complicated or as simple as you want. The games can be short or long and you can play them alone or with an entire crowd of people.


Cards were supposedly invented in 9th century China during the Tang Dynasty. It seems like nearly everything came from China (Just like today)! So, where did the Kings, Queens and Jacks come from? Shouldn’t they be Emperors, Empress and a Prince? Maybe they were changed when they got to Europe.


At any rate, if you do play cards today and happen to get a Royal Flush, play the lotto tonight.

How to celebrate – Play cards! Make up your own new card game! Design your own cards.

February 21st Read A Card Day

It seems a little odd that today is read a card day since there is no real holiday associated with it. However, it still can be a good day to read a card. Particularly to re-read a card that you have already received. Or to send one you meant to sent. I mean, how cool would it be to receive a card for no reason at all!?!


Or how about leaving one to a co-worker, of course unsigned. They’ll be wondering all day who gave them the card. Although, in the world today maybe that’s not such a good idea. Sad, you can’t really be nice to anyone anymore.

lhs valentines gifts 07
And Heaven forbid anyone give out Valentine Day Cards anymore. After-all, that means someone may like you… we can’t have that anymore now can we!?!

images (2)

I think it’s still safe to read a baseball card. It’s pretty cool, it has all kinds of information on the back of the card. Of course it depends on whether they are a pitcher or a position player. And then you have to read all those years where they were getting started (Normally not so good) but then as they rose through the ranks it gets pretty interesting. I always find it a little interesting that when a player can hit safely 3 times out of 10 they are considered a really good hitter and get paid millions of dollars. I couldn’t, but then I am not earning millions of dollars for doing it either.


So if baseball isn’t your sport you can always get football cards, or basketball cards, or… well, if anything is popular you can get a card of someone that plays, acts or is a star of some kind. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had cards like those for the everyday worker. The back of the card could be like hobbies, interests and jail records!

How to celebrate – Enjoy getting a card while you still can. Enjoy giving a card while you still can. Make up cards for people where you work, it should get a few laughs!

February 21st Card Reading Day

Ever hear the quote, “It’s in the cards” ? Well, it’s supposed to be what comes in your future, but the past may have something to do with that too. No one is exactly sure what cards are supposed to be read today though. Is it supposed to be the greeting card? Those cards sent to you on your birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day? Does anyone even send cards anymore or are we talking ecards here?


Or maybe they are talking about the Tarot cards, that tell the future. Does anyone believe in the Tarot cards? Can something so random as picking a card out of a deck spell out what your future is? Maybe if you draw the same cards over and over again it might prove something, or is that tempting fate?  And who says that what your fate is can even be related into cards. None of us are the exact same person so how can a card spell out someone’s future when it is likely people will draw the same cards as others.


Or could they be talking about the playing card? I remember when playing cards was a fun thing to do. People don’t do that all that much anymore… too many computer choices. But they used to play bridge or hearts or whatever. It led to great conversation and who could resist those chocolate covered raisins!?!


And who are “they” anyway!?! The dealers, the gamblers, the card sharks? Does it really matter who “they” are? Probably not.

How to celebrate – Find some sort of card to read today. Send out a card, ecard or whatever kind of card you want. Start a card collection.

Smoke And Mirrors Day

It seems we all love some form of magic.  We want to believe that someone is showing us something truly sensational and beyond the bounds of human comprehension.  The truth is, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Even the great Houdini was nothing more than an illusionist.  He was really, really good at it, but he tricked us into believing that he was doing something no one else could do.

images (4)

One of his more famous tricks involved being buried in a casket underground for a significant period of time.  Many others tried but failed, unfortunately fatally ending their acts.  So how did Harry survive when others failed?  Well, for months prior to attempting the trick he spent time learning to control his breathing.  Learning out to put his body into a state that it required, and consumed, very small amounts of oxygen.  He also chose an over sized coffin so that he could have the largest air supply available to him.  While others tried with small coffins that ran out of air, did no special conditioning prior to their unsuccessful attempts and even selected coffins that could not hold the weight of the earth piled on top of it, Harry had it all planned.  There was no magic.

images (3)

In another trick he was able to get out of a safe that was specifically built to hold him.  The trick here was to get the safe a day ahead of time pretending to need to stage it.  Well, stage it indeed his crew did.  They removed the springs in the safe and replaced them with softer springs, easier to manipulate.  He would have legitimate safe inspector come up to see that it had not been tampered with. (Nobody checked the springs because this was not an obvious, or easily done, job.) They would check the safe and Houdini himself and walk away satisfied all was on the up and up.  To reassure the audience he would also select a guest to come up with the safe people to check out everything as well.  The odd thing, that no one ever caught on to, was that the audience guest member would always be the last to leave before Houdini would be locked up in the safe.  This “Guest” was always a plant that slid Houdini the tool required to “spring” the lock and get out.  The safe was then covered by a curtain that allowed the sides to be seen so that no one could accuse him of going on or off stage.  Then hours would pass, long after the oxygen should have run out in the airtight enclosure.  The truth is, Houdini had been out of the safe within fifteen minutes of being locked up.  He would sit on top of the safe and wait for others to doubt anyone could survive this ordeal before revealing his great escape.


His third great escape was one that had him, handcuffed, sealed in a crate and the crate lowered into the water. Houdini would first be handcuffed, making sure that only his “special” handcuffs were used.  They were real, and anyone trying them could not get out of them, unless you knew where the release was, which of course, Harry did.  Once he was in the crate, his crew would nail the lid down.  People would watch them, inspect the nails and verify that they were real.  They were, and equal to them was the nail trimmer that Houdini had inside the crate with him.  A boat would be brought along side with a crane and lift he crate up, moving out away from the dock slightly so the crate could be lowered into the water without interference.  By the time the crate hit the water, Houdini would already be free of the handcuffs and have started clipping away the nails he need to get out of the crate.  Now remembering he learned to control his breathing, he could stay under water for quite some time, when the crate was raised by the crane, Houdini would be sitting on top of the boards he had clipped away the nails from so that they would appear to still be in place.  The crate would be lowered onto the deck of the ship and while everyone paid attention to the Great Houdini, his crew would drive new nails in to replace the broken ones he had freed himself of.

It was all smoke and mirrors, and even Houdini told everyone that, though few believed him.  We see what we want to see, or in some cases, what a truly great performer wants us to see.  It is, more than often, not a true representation of what has actually taken place.

To celebrate: try learning a few card tricks to dazzle your friends!  Learn how to pull a rabbit from a hat! Run for a political office and try to make people think you are sincere!




March 26th, 2016 National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Have you ever wanted to create your own holiday?  Well today is the day to do it, March 26th, is National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.  It is believed that the Wellness Permission League started the day but no one knows for sure, guess it doesn’t really matter because this is supposed to be your day.

If you want to make this (Insert your name here) Day, go ahead.  Or maybe you could create a day with a little more pizzazz!  Like, I Love My Hammer Day, or Dance With Your Dog Day, or maybe even Have a Flower For Lunch Day!

Of course you’ll need to come up with how you celebrate this day. No one is going to know if you are wrong or right, this is your creation!  What food is best served for this holiday?


Do you send out cards?


Do you give gifts?


It’s your choice because it’s your day!