August 10th National S’mores Day

August 10th National S’mores Day

Got some chocolate candy? Grahams crackers? Marshmallows? If you do, you’ve got the makings for S’mores. S’mores were created sometime in the 1920’s supposedly by the Campfire Girls. It amazes me how long it took people to figure out the uses for chocolate. The chocolate chip cookie, s’mores… wow, what were they waiting for? They say you can even make them in a microwave in 12 seconds but why? Get your act together and make a campfire and make them the right way, like the Campfire Girls of old! Sometimes you just can’t beat the old ways of doing things!

How to celebrate – Go camping so you can make some S’mores! Become a Girl Scout to properly celebrate today. Make your own S’mores by adding whatever you feel might improve something already pretty darn good!

August 3rd Campfire Day

It’s a hundred degree summer day outside, a perfect time to celebrate Campfire Day. Let’s add some heat to what is already hot! Now I love a great campfire, there is something relaxing and soothing about sitting by a fire… and a few hot dogs or marshmallows and you got a perfect evening of fun and down time. And I am not complaining that it falls on the first Saturday of August, it just might be a little nicer on a cooler fall or winter day when it’s no longer scorching outside. The day was invented, sort of, by Bob Matthews from Rochester, NY in 2017. I say sort of because campfires have been around since man harnessed the power to capture and make fire. It’s kind of odd we did not start celebrating it until 2017.

How to celebrate – Plan an evening under the stars with a family campfire. Make sure you take all safety concerns seriously about campfires. Try and organize a neighborhood campfire in your community.