June 23rd National Pink Day

June 23rd National Pink Day

For some reason, not officially recognized, women love the color pink. I am sure it has something to do with being soothing and yet still bright and cheerful. Men generally think a little less of it, I don’t think so much for the actual color but because it shows dirt so easily. Today, whether you are a man or a woman, is the day to wear pink and show your support for the color. It’s halfway between red, a color of deep passion, and white, a color of innocence. I expected to find some great cause for today and was surprised I did not find one. Pink is an anti-bullying color but has it’s own day so I guess today we just celebrate the color pink, why not? We also celebrate Pink Flamingo Day.

How to celebrate – Wear pink. Dye your hair pink. Wash your whites with reds and get an entire new pink wardrobe.

April 16th National Stress Awareness Day

April 16th National Stress Awareness Day

Today we need to become aware of all that stresses us out and what we do to stress others out as well. We also need to learn what eliminates stress from our lives, and what eliminates stress in others. In other words… RELAX! Our lives are stressful enough, we certainly do not need to add more. The day was created by the Health Resource Network. Stress can cause all sorts of health issues and really, it has no useful purpose. And just remember, when you are stressed out it causes everyone around you to get stressed out as well.

How to celebrate – Learn the different ways to relieve stress in your life. Stay calm, getting stressed helps no one. Don’t repeat things that you know stress you out. Find a peaceful relaxing activity such as bike riding, yoga, reading…

March 9th Panic Day

After yesterday, Be Nasty Day, you may need today! Actually, it’s not what you think though… it’s actually a day not to panic about anything! That’s why the panic button was invented. You can hit the panic button and forget what caused you to panic in the first place (if it were only that easy!) One needs to realize that panicking is an absolute waste of time and can actually cause more damage. Panicking in a tough situation does no good for anyone. While we are over reacting that means others have to actually deal with whatever threw us into our panic attack. If that someone else isn’t around at the time, things will get worse. So, don’t worry, be happy! And above all else, don’t panic! But if you have to, today is the day or it!

How to celebrate – Panic! Calm down! Be rational.