October 13th Friday The Thirteenth

Somewhere along the line, Friday the 13th has become a dreaded day all across the world. We avoid certain things on the 13th like don’t walk under a ladder and avoid letting black cats cross your path.


I get the ladder. I would rarely consider walking under a ladder because, well first of all they are normally low enough they are difficult to get under and secondly, someone didn’t set up the ladder without the intent of going up it, meaning, they could easily drop something down on you from above. The black cat thing I don’t really get, unless it’s a panther in which case yes, you should avoid continuing on in that same direction.


If you are afraid of Friday the 13th you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia. Personally, I am more afraid of the word than the day! Apparently the Babylonians (1,700 B.C.) were concerned about the number 13 as they left that number out of the laws that went with the Code of Hammurah. Today we do not put a 13th floor in most buildings, ships do not allow 13 crew members and during meetings, 13 people are not allowed in the room.

Mayan Pyramid

The Mayan’s considered 13 a lucky number. However, throughout history, Friday has been considered to be unlucky. So add the 13th to Friday it was double trouble. Historians also believe that is was a Friday the 13th that Cain killed Abel. Since there was no calendar back then I am not sure how they figured that one.


Anybody who runs into Jason on Friday the 13th is bound to have a bad day. However, avoiding him it’s another Friday and in the culture today, we look at Fridays as being good! TGIF, the weekend is coming! It will also be one of my sister’s birthday so that’s good luck for me!

How to celebrate – Celebrate my sister’s birthday! If you believe in the 13th being unlucky, stay home and in bed. If you don’t believe in the 13th being bad, go out and party like there’s no tomorrow!