November 8th Cook Something Bold Day

If the rest of the neighborhood can smell what you are cooking you have accomplished your goal today. That doesn’t mean it has to be something good, it helps, but the idea is to fill the world with that aroma! You know you have reached your goal when someone comes to your door and asks, “What are you cooking?”. Cabbage works, so does shrimp, anything you can think of that is stinky works really well! To me, while I realize a lot of people love it, the smell of something being cooked heavily with garlic, tops the list. I like garlic, but boy does it stink! Today works really well if you cook outdoors. It gives you a good start on letting the neighbors know you are cooking and you mean business! Today is owned by

How to celebrate – Cook something bold. Cook something that stinks. Try some hot peppers in your cereal!

March 17th St. Patrick’s Day

Seems like just last year around this time it was St. Patrick’s Day. The green beer, the shamrocks, leprechauns, corn beef, and cabbage. Well darn, I guess it’s time to celebrate again! If you are Irish, along with the 34 million other American’s, it’s time to show your pride in your heritage. The first time St. Patrick’s Day ever was celebrated was in New York City in 1762. You might think it was in Ireland, but no, it’s an American holiday. It celebrates St. Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland. In honor of the Emerald Isle whether you are Irish or not, you should celebrate today since the Irish brought so much to this country, and the world.

How to celebrate – Visit an Irish pub today. Wear green if you have any Irish blood in you! Recognize orange is an Irish color as well.