January 8th Bubble Bath Day

I’ve explained my position on baths before. I do not understand how you get clean by sitting in the dirty water you have created but forgetting that, a bubble bath can be fun. (Just take a shower first) All those bubbles, the scents used to make them and, of course, the rubber ducky! They can be relaxing or romantic, they help break fever and get you all wrinkly. So I guess a bubble bath can be fun, after all isn’t that why you add the bubbles to it? Splish-Splash the day away sitting in the tub, but you really should wait for a Saturday night.

How to celebrate – Take a bubble bath. You can try a bubble shower but it’s not as effective. Remember your favorite rubber ducky!

January 8th National Bubble Bath Day

This is a great day! Particularly because yesterday we were out honoring rocks which probably made us dirty so today we can wash it all away by taking a bubble bath! There’s nothing like sitting in that tub full of bubbles that were actually clean before you got in it!


Now I do understand that a bubble bath is soothing. I am not exactly sure why but I will admit it is. There is something about sitting in a tub of hot water watching bubbles float by that relaxes us, makes us feel one with the universe because we all know, bubbles make up a large majority of what the earth is covered in.


And we are owed that right to sit there and do nothing while the bubbles cleanse us with their magical abilities. A good bath is generally accompanied by wine and rose pedals which clearly make it better. Add a few candles, maybe some chocolate and the world is a much better place. Or at least the world doesn’t matter for a little while.


We can dream about finding rocks, solving life’s mysteries and think of all the good times to come… while we wallow in our own dirt and pretend we are getting clean.

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How to celebrate – Take a bubble bath! Find a waterproof book to read while you soak.Don’t forget your rubber duckie!