December 30th Bacon Day

There are several Bacon days during the year. International, National, and just plain bacon day. Today is just plain bacon day. It supposedly started before 2000 in the UK but who knows, as bacon has been popular for a lot longer than that! In fact, I don’t know a time when bacon has not been popular! Even Vegans try to make something that tastes like bacon, it doesn’t, but the point is, they at least try. I am curious, how does a Vegan know what bacon tastes like? Well, good on them for at least trying. Those meat eaters among us seem to prefer bacon to nearly any other kind of meat. Salty, crisp and filled with flavor it may indeed be the perfect food! And there is nothing like the scent of bacon cooking!

How to celebrate – Cook up some bacon. They even have bacon ice cream these days, see if you can invent something new like… bacon cereal! Wear some bacon perfume!

September 14th National Cream-filled Donut Day

Now here’s a day you can really sink your teeth into! And it is not just about the doughnut, it’s about the cream-filled donut! My favorite! You can fill a doughnut with a lot of different things. You can top a doughnut with a lot of different things. But if you want the best of both worlds… fill it with cream. Yes they are fattening, yes they are filled with carbs… but if you are going to have a doughnut why not go all the way! I’m sure anyone of the many doughnut shops can help you celebrate today, if you look around enough you might even find one for free.

How to celebrate – Have a cream filled doughnut. There are several different creams you can have it filled with so choose wisely. Learn how to make your own cream-filled doughnut.

April 24th National Pigs In A Blanket Day

Here’s another really important day of the year for you, and it’s National! Today we celebrate taking sausage and wrapping in up in a pancake and serving it hot… thus, it’s sausage in a blanket. No rocket science going on here. But then, who wants science so early in the morning anyway!?! Actually, any pork product wrapped up in any substance is actually a pig in a blanket. So actually, a hot dog is officially a pig in a blanket. As is a pork sandwich. So I guess you could have cow in a blanket, fish in a blanket or any substance you want to wrap up in a breaded covering you can have in a blanket. But not today, today is all about that pig in a blanket.

How to celebrate – Start your day off right with a pig in a blanket! Invent your own kind of pig in a blanket. Don’t think too hard about what you are eating because you may not want it anymore!

September 1st International Bacon Day

Today is a good day for me. I should be able to start my day off with bacon, and end it with bacon. Naturally, if I eat too much of it I might even end my life with it! Once just a breakfast food, now bacon tops the charts with nearly every meal including dessert! That taste of sweet and salty makes for the nearly perfect dish.

download (2)

It is one of the few stand alone foods that also mixes well with everything else. I know there are a large number of people out there that cannot have bacon and I am sorry that they do not know what they are missing. Nothing personal in any of that but even those I know that do not eat pork love the smell of bacon cooking.


Naturally, like anything else, too much of it can kill you and it’s really not very healthy but those who eat it generally don’t really care. I remember as a child waking up smelling bacon cooking. Those are fond memories. Scents are one of the best ways or recalling memories nd I think bacon tops my list.

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Bacon can even be serve between meals and as snacks. It’s always served at parties and is generally one of the first treats that goes missing. It goes well on sandwiches, in salads, sprinkled on different foods and served as a main course as well. With a bacon and egg breakfast the bacon seems to compliment the eggs but I have known many who could do without the eggs and just have the bacon.


Now don’t confuse International Bacon Day with National Bacon Day. They come at two different times of the year and for most of us, we want to celebrate both days equally. Just remember today is the day people everywhere can enjoy bacon, our own National will come soon,

How to celebrate – Serve up some bacon today. Let your brothers and sisters over-seas celebrate with you. Try bacon on something you have never had it on before.

December 9th National Pastry Day

Well this ought to be a tasty day! We should thank the French! They call their pastry, patisserie in which case I thank the English for shortening the word. Actually I thank the Pastry Chefs who make the pastry!


I was surprised to find there is more than one type of pastry. There is shortcrust, flaky, puff, choux, phyllo and hot water pastry. Does anyone really care? Probably not so long as you are invited to eat at least one of the varieties.


It’s sort of odd that something so light and airy can be so rich and filling. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy about it, but still amazed. As it should be, the French have made a real art of food with their high point reaching pastry.


I say that because when you consider some of the other dishes the French make might be a bit questionable. Snails strike me right off. I mean, if you like them good for you but I am not sure who saw a snail crawling along the ground and said to themselves, “That looks good enough to eat!”


But back to the subject at hand. I can see someone walking by a table filled with pastries and saying, “That looks good enough to eat! I think I’ll have ten or twenty of them!”

How to celebrate – Have a pastry! Take in some pastries to work today (Or at least pretend to since today is Saturday!) Become your household pastry chef by learning how to cook pastry yourself.

September 2nd International Bacon Day

Beyond all rational belief, today is not Bacon Day, It is International Bacon Day… completely different! Bacon Day is sometime in December, International Bacon day is today. It always falls on the Friday before Labor Day. (Isn’t Labor Day an American holiday?)


Does it really matter? What day is not perfect for bacon! Although I doubt they would agree in the Middle Eastern countries. But those of us not bound by religion to despise bacon, love it! I am sorry for the pigs, but that said, there is just nothing that replaces bacon as for flavor.

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People love it, dogs love it and frankly even other pigs love it, although they will eat practically anything. Eggs and bacon in the morning, BLT in the afternoon and spaghetti covered with bacon can serve as an entire days worth of meals. Oh, and those bacon covered little hot dogs at parties are wonderful! Ever try bacon on a pizza, it’s great too!


In fact bacon goes with about anything and today they are serving bacon with many desserts. It’s a perfect blend with ice cream, sweet and salty together! Bacon is such a favorite flavor that companies have figured out how to make imitation bacon that even vegans can eat.


However you slice it, bacon is delicious! The creation of the day is claimed by two different groups. One from Boston saying they founded the day back in 2000. Another group claims the rights to it from Boulder, Colorado in 2005. I don’t think it really matters, it’s all about who “Brings home the bacon!”

How to celebrate – Have some bacon today! Try adding bacon to something you haven’t had it with before and see if you like it. Just fry up some bacon and watch who comes running!

March 25th International Waffle Day

Get up! It’s time for breakfast and time to breakout the waffles! So let’s share that last Eggo and make the day brighter for everybody.


Waffles were first served, so far as we know, in the 1300’s in Greece. They generally were toppedwith cheese and herbs, maybe sometimes a little meat. (They didn’t have syrup back then.)


In Sweden it’s called Vaffeldagen, and celebrates the first day of Spring (Also throughout Europe) and the Feast of Annunciation. Some find it odd that Waffle Day comes during Lent when you are supposed to give up something you would normally indulge in. I guess waffles are not normally considered one of those things, particularly in Sweden!


Here in the United States we celebrate the invention of the waffle iron by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York in 1869. (They didn’t have Eggos back then)


Now we have really altered the waffle since it first came out. Some think it is for the better, some think for the worse. What do you think?

How to celebrate – Have a waffle for breakfast this morning. Throw a little chicken and cheese on a waffle for lunch today! Find a friend from Sweden and celebrate their first day of Spring.

November 28th National French Toast Day

Everyone knows this is Cyber Monday so I am choosing another subject, French Bread Day. Is it a breakfast food? A dessert? A snack? The answer to those perplexing questions is, yes. Though it is called French Toast the French had little to do with it and no one seems to know why the French get the credit. Sure, it seems like something the French would create but the fact is, it was created long before there was even a France.


Over the years if has been called Egg Bread, German Toast, Poor Knight’s Pudding, Bombay Toast, and who knows what else. It first appeared as a recipe back in the 4th century written in Latin.  It appeared again in 14th century Germany as Poor Knight’s Pudding because it could be made cheaply. Most versions are simply made from bread, dunked in eggs and milk, and fried. Here’s a recipe if you actually need one!


The English came up with a version adding Nutella to the mix for additional flavor. The Italians add cheese in the middle of their bread – calling it, “Mozzarella En Carrozza”. Of course fruit goes well with the toast, as does practically any kind of nut, and maple syrup is a natural sweetner. Add a little whipped cream, and you’ve got nearly every food group added to one dish.


Where the French did actually become involved was when they used stale or old bread to make their version of French Bread calling it ‘Pain Perdu’ or “Lost Bread”. The bread may have even had a little mold mixed in just for flavor.

How to celebrate – Start your day out with some French Toast, or have it for lunch, or supper. It goes great any time you choose to eat it. Create your own new French Toast dish. Add a little meat and you wind up with a McGriddle! Or try the newest version…


November 9th National Scrapple Day

Scrapple is the first pork dish invented in America. It comes from the 17th and 18th centuries in the Pennsylvania Dutch region where it was called “panhaas” (pon haus).


Scrapple is made from bits and pieces of pork mixed with cornmeal, wheat flour and spices. Those spices may include one, or all, of sage, thyme, savory and black pepper). It is served as a side breakfast dish along with the traditional eggs and hash-browns. It is mashed into a loaf, sliced and pan fried before serving.

the-forefather-scrapple-sandwich-labelsScrapple, while traditionally made from pork, can also be made from beef, chicken, or turkey. It is generally served with apple butter, ketchup, jelly, maple syrup, honey, horseradish or just plain mustard.


Here’s a scrapple recipe for you to try.

How to celebrate – Have scrapple for breakfast this morning. Who knows, you might even like it! Serve scrapple up as a surprise and ask your family members, or friends, what they think it is. Visit the Pennsylvania Dutch region and get some real scrapple.

April 16th National Eggs Benedict Day

You’ve slept all night, fasting because it’s really hard to eat while you are asleep.  You wake up and want something different, something that rich people might eat. (Of course if you are already rich just imagine being hungry)  How about Eggs Benedict!  Perfectly poached eggs served over Canadian bacon all on top of an English muffin and covered in Hollandaise sauce.  Beats the heck out of a bowl of cereal!

Here’s a recipe for those who don’t know how to make it.  Eggs Benedict

Now no one knows where Eggs Benedict actually came from.  The first mention of it appears in New York City over 100 years ago.  It is credited to either Mrs. LeGrand Benedict in 1893 or Mr. Lemuel Benedict, 1894.  I thought it came from St. Benedict, shows you how much I know about it.

It has been proven that a good breakfast will start your day off right.  You’ll have more energy, feel better and be in a much more civil mood.  If you eat too much, you may also choose to go back to bed and take a nap.  The best way to cover yourself if the latter happens is to take your boss a plate of Eggs Benedict while asking their forgiveness!

Even though it is National Eggs Benedict Day there is no record of Congress, or a president, making the holiday official.  Maybe it would make a good slogan for a would be presidential contender.  “I promise I will officially make April 16th a day when everyone in the country, no everyone in the world, will sit down to  breakfast of Eggs Benedict!