September 10th Swap Ideas Day

We all have good ideas, sometimes we know how to drive them ahead and sometimes we don’t, sometimes they can be made even better by sharing them with someone else to make them even better. By sharing ideas and getting someone’s input, we can create something even better than what we started with. Of course, it suffers your ego a bit but the idea is getting the best results. The other benefit is that they may see uses for our ideas we never thought of! We all have different perspectives and see things slightly different than each other. In film and television they have writing teams because they know they will get a better script if they get the input of several people. So swap your ideas with someone else, you will probably improve both thoughts by coming up with a third version neither of you would have ever thought of alone.

How to celebrate – Join a think tank. Share your thoughts with friends. Help someone make their dream come true.