October 16th Bosses Day

When arriving at work today remember it is bosses day. That is unless of course you are the boss. And if you are the boss, expect to be showered with lavish gifts and praised for your work, that is if you are a good boss.


In the army the General is the boss. Of course, he or she has a boss too…. the President. Douglas McArthur would have done well to remember this. The plain truth is, even most of our bosses have bosses.

principal sign

In a school, the principal is the boss. A good principal creates a safe and exciting environment for their students and teachers.


And naturally, the mom is the boss of every family. Some think it’s the father but boy, are they wrong! It’s the mom that makes the household work, or not. They either create a home or just a place where we live. 

Good bosses realize that they have to follow as well as lead, listen as well as talk, and set examples by what they do.


Or they play music and are soap opera stars!

How to celebrate – Remember your boss today! Celebrate Bosses Day with a cake to honor your boss. Remember that most bosses have bosses of their own to answer to.