November 14th Young Readers Day

Nov 14 Young Readers Day


Always the second Tuesday in November. This day was founded by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. I guess this has something to do with being able to read their menu at Pizza Hut!


It is a fact that young readers will grow up to be better adults. They will know more, understand more and be able to cope with change better than those who do not. We all want a better life for our children than we have had of our own and the best way to insure this is to make sure they spend time reading.


How to celebrate – Start your youngest children off by reading to them, it will help support their own reading as they grow older. Discuss the books your children are reading with them, they love to show off what they have learned. Keep a library of books your children have read so they have a visual reference to their accomplishment.



November 4th National Book Lover’s Day

Now before you get too confused, there are two Book Lovers Days in the year. August 9th is probably recognized a little more than the first Saturday in November but as they say, you can never get too much of a good thing. Books are the best way to pass on information and a great way to spend some quiet time.


Many people read just before going to sleep, while sitting on the pot or just whenever the moment strikes them. The nice thing about the written word is you can always go back and re-read a passage to make sure you understood what was being said. In a classroom we generally miss about half of what the lecture is about, the reason we take notes, but when you read most people will generally retain more of the information contained in the pages.


Reading is also very entertaining. If written well, a book can take us places  we could never go in real life and let us experience things we might never otherwise be able to connect to. It allows us to insert ourselves in the story as the hero, victim or even the antagonist.


It’s also a time to plug friends works that while maybe written for children, also entertains adults.


Or even shamelessly plug our own manuscripts, particularly when they fall in line with the upcoming season. Available as a e-book where ever you order your e-books from or here at Google Books where you can previewca few pages… Only 99 cents! Sorry, just couldn’t help myself!

How to celebrate – Read a book today. Support new authors to give them a chance in the market. (You never know, you might find a real gem) Try writing your own novel.

September 6th National Read A Book Day

I am a book geek, yes I admit it. I love books. They are entertaining and educational and they are great for keeping papers still on your desk as well as a temporary fix for broken table legs. They don’t require electricity (Unless of course it’s dark out), they don’t require another person (Unless you are reading to them) and they can show us the world, both past and present.


Good writers can take us to places we’ve never been before, bad writers can take us to places we never want to go! (Good writers can take us there as well!) There are novels, poems, comic books, manuals, articles, short stories, the Bible, plays, scripts, even bubble gum wrappers to read.

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Kids need to read, adults should read. (Set an example for the kids) Adults reading to kids, kids reading to Seniors. Even dogs like to be read to. And if you have ever red a book that is hard to put down you can feel that sense of accomplishment by finishing a chapter before falling asleep at night.


There are millions of books on every subject you can imagine. They come in every language, even some we have not figured out yet! Even the pictures painted on cave walls tell a story that can be read. In fact, many picture books tell us where we came from and even maybe where we are going.


And now for a shameless plug on my book! (Or rather short story.) It can be read in less than an hour and I believe most would enjoy it. It is available only on e-books, Kindle, Amazon or your favorite e-book provider. It is a Christmas story, just right for the upcoming season and written for all ages. It’s 99 cents (Cheap by any means) and I hope you will give it a read. Thank you in advance.

How to celebrate – Read a book today! Write a book today. Use a book to stand on to reach that shelf you haven’t been able to reach.

August 9th Book Lover’s Day

I love books! They are great for holding down loose papers on my desk, they make great doorstops and they help me sit up straighter when I am in a chair too low for the table I am at… oh, and they are pretty fun to read as well.

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Fiction, non-fiction, biographical, self-help, educational, picture, coloring… well they all have their purpose and can give us hours and hours of enjoyment. They are great for spending some quiet time, catching up on the latest trends, and studying areas of interest we can never learn enough about. They can take us to far away places, times long since past, and even allow ourselves to be transformed into a King or Queen or anyone we can imagine (or the author can imagine).


They help us relax, fall asleep, and get into a zone that betters our mood, improves ourselves, or makes us feel better about the world we live in (often by comparing it to a world we haven’t known). They give us insight into how others think, reassuring ourselves that there are people who feel the same as we do, and often they help us remember things we might otherwise have forgotten.


The written word is powerful, but only if someone reads it. Books are not always right, sometimes they challenge us to be better people, and show us things we may have missed along our life’s journey. They remind us of who we can still be, where we have been, and what we have in common with others when we think we are often alone. In other words, they are like an old friend who knows us, and loves us, and does whatever they can to help us realize our dreams.


They can make us laugh, cry, or consider things we have never considered before. They can make us examine who we are, what we are doing, and what happened to lead us to where we are. In short, every book has a life of it’s own that it is willing to share with us. Oh, and they help us reach that top shelf, fill up empty spaces, and show we have some class to our friends and neighbors.

How to celebrate – Open a book and read today. Start writing your own book (you might be better at it than you think). Learn something you didn’t already know by reading a book that challenges the limits you have placed on yourself.

April 4th National School Librarian Day

Who is the most under appreciated member of your school staff? Okay, yes, there are a number of under appreciated members of a school staff but today it is the school librarian. In most schools they maintain and operate what is called the Media Center for schools, which includes the books, newspapers, in house television station, and a number of other jobs that would never get done if not for them.


They need to know where every book in a library is since no one knows how to use those reference cards. They often, in the younger grades, have reading time with their students and run the school book fairs.

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Some are party animals as well. They learn how to make a library fun while making sure there is no noise. They update those library cards and pick out new and relative books from thousands that are available every year.


While most librarians have years of experience not all are the studious type you might expect., after all… they are human too. Once they let their hair down and remove those glasses there’s no telling what, and who, you might find.

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And sometimes librarians are super heroes, after all they have all the knowledge required to solve many mysteries of the universe, or at least they know where to find the answers.

How to celebrate – Take your school librarian to lunch today.  Let your librarian know you appreciate their talents. Return all your over due books and pay the fines without arguing.

April 2nd International Children’s Book Day

Give a child a book and let their imaginations soar. It really is something we teach our children, the ability to learn through reading. Some kids naturally love to read, others struggle with it, but its value is unmistakable. Just like you can’t love someone if you never met them or love to play a game if you’ve never played it, you can’t love to read unless you experience it and understand just where it can take you.


Books like the Harry Potter series allow children to imagine themselves as Harry Potter, or any of the host of other characters in the books. It teaches them not only the love of reading but also social lessons by examining how characters deal with each other, and the situations they find themselves in. It gives them the inspiration to try other books to see what might be contained in those pages.


April 2nd is chosen as International Children’s Book Day because it is Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday (born in 1805), the author of many children’s fairy tales that have even led to movies like Frozen, The Little Mermaid, and Thumbelina just to mention a few.

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One of the best ways to get your child interested in reading is to read to them before they can read themselves. Not only are you able to spend some quality time with your child but you will be showing them that books can be friends as well. Children look to their parents, older siblings, and even friends and want to mimic them as they grow. What better way to allow some one to grow then to show them the world of books.


And now for a shameless plug! I’ve got a book out I think kids would love! It’s a Christmas story, but a whole lot more. It’s only available as an ebook but you can find it on Amazon or any other ebook source you might happen to use. I know, I know… I shouldn’t use this as a format to sell a book but maybe this story will get your child to read more and isn’t that what today is all about?

How to celebrate – Find a copy of your favorite book as a child and read it to your children. Find rewards you can offer your child for reading a book. Spend time reading as a family, allowing different members of the family play out the roles in the book.

November 12th Chicken Soup For The Soul Day

Chicken Soup For The Soul is a business. It has a publishing wing and a consumer goods wing. It has to date sold over 100 million books. The books are designed to celebrate who you are, where you have been, where you are going and who you will be thankful to once you have reached where you are going.


The idea seems to have begun under the guidance of Jack Canfield of Cos Cob, Connecticut. There are over 250 books in print under the label of Chicken Soup For The Soul. The general idea is pretty simple, the books are a collection of real stories told by the people who lived the stories and are meant to be inspiring. That feeling of if they could do it, so can I.


They come in a variety of subjects, primarily with general categories that most of us can relate to. I have known people who swear by the books believing they are helpful and meaningful, particularly if you need  boost or some reassurance. (I could personally use the one about cats!)


The company was begun in 1993 and has moved into podcasts, film and television along with other media outlets. Even if you don’t have a particular problem you need help with they make for a fun read and are well worth the time spent reading them.


How to celebrate – Treat yourself to one of the many Chicken Soup For Your Soul books. Give a book to  friend who seems down. Perhaps you have a story to tell yourself. Check out their website and see how to get more involved.