June 26th National Canoe Day

Today requires a little manpower, or woman power, to accomplish. It’s National Canoe Day and it’s really hard to just be a passenger in a canoe, unless you get the middle seat. It is believe that the Carib Indians, living in the Caribbean, invented the canoe. At least the first reference comes from the “kenu” in their native language meaning boat. (Or something like that anyway) While I would not suggest canoeing on the ocean as the Carib did they are useful in lakes and on rivers. You can get great exercise and enjoy nature in a more moderate means of travel. Of course that may speed up a bit if you hit some rapids. Here in Florida we do a lot of canoeing around alligators. I am not sure how wise that is but you do get up close and personal with the reptiles.

How to celebrate – Go canoeing. Visit the Caribbean. Put your canoe up on blocks in your backyard and practice canoeing.