October 15th White Cane Day

One of the tools most commonly used by the sight impaired is the white cane. When you see someone using it, respect them and their independence. It will have taken them some time to get used to using the cane, trust themselves with it and to have full confidence in their ability to guide themselves in their community. President Lyndon Johnson set the Joint Resolution of Congress to declare the day in 1964. If you see someone using it give them the space to use it effectively.

How to celebrate – Respect the White Cane. Try using the white cane yourself to see what it is like. Help the sight impaired to help themselves.

October 15th White Cane Safety Day

Today we celebrate all the wonderful things that people who are blind can do, not what they can’t do. It is amazing what they are able to accomplish, as much… if not more… than many who are able to see ever do in a lifetime.


And just like sighted people, they want their freedom and independence too. A white cane is used to help guide them along their way but it is also a symbol those of us that can see should recognize. it’s not that they need our help, if they do you need to go to them, but it’s a signal that we need to avoid making mistakes that may block their path or put something down that they have to negotiate around.

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Those of us that do have sight need to remember to value it and protect it and we need to help provide for those that have been born without sight, lost it for numerous reasons or have extremely poor vision.


We can learn the obstacles put in their way to better help them by understand what they go through, how to trust others and learn to do things by touch or hearing. Like animals that lose a sense, the other senses kick in picking up a lot that help them get through the day. It is the same with people.


Today was created by President Lyndon Johnson on October 15th, 1964 and made a recognized day by act of congress. It takes so little to help someone with any kind of disability, we owe it to mankind to always keep them in our thoughts and make life easier for them when we can.

How to celebrate – Cover your eyes and try to get through one hour not seeing where you are or who is around you. Test your other senses. Honor the white cane for what it stands for.