June 17th World Juggler’s Day

Juggling has been around since man can remember. Cavemen probably juggled dinosaur eggs as they ran from the nest they took them from (what else did they have to do, they had no internet). Kings and Queens in the Medieval times were highly entertained by juggling, if for no other reason than if the juggler wasn’t all that good, they could put them to death.


According to James Reid, a professional juggler, The International Jugglers Association (IJA) founded World Juggler’s day, always the Saturday closest to June 17th, in the 1980’s. There is also an International Juggler’s Day in April but that’s to be expected, since they have to juggle the days they celebrate (wink).


Today jugglers are associated most with the circus and birthday parties. A good juggler can juggler up to ten items at one time. Those items can be balls, clubs, swords, rings, flaming sticks, plates, chainsaws, jobs, girlfriends, boyfriends, relatives… well you get the idea. This explains why I am not a good juggler because I have a hard enough time with one item at a time.


It’s really all just a matter of concentration, good eye sight, soft hands, good balance, years of practice, being bored out of your mind and having nothing better to do, shopping with kids, a natural desire to show off… and so on.


How to celebrate – Buy a book on juggling and learn how to juggle. Go to a Medieval festival and watch the jugglers.  Try and balance your checkbook.