May 15th National Bike To Work Day

The League of Wheelmen began in 1880. The idea back then was to have an organization that fought the prejudices against those who rode bikes. Over the years it has become the League of American Bicyclists who promote using bikes to help with the environment, health and to slow down life a little so people can enjoy it. There is a Bike Month, Week and today (Bike To Work Day). It always falls on the 3rd Friday of May when, hopefully, the weather is better. Riding your bike to work has it’s challenges but it is worth it, provided work isn’t a 100 miles away.

How to celebrate – Ride your bike to work. If you don’t have a bike, get one! Plan your route to work so it’s safe and you get to enjoy things you might not normally see.

May 17th National Bike To Work Day

This is a great idea! Let’s all ride to work on our bicycles. It is always the 3rd Friday in May and has been created by the League of American Bicyclists who came from the League of American Wheelmen, formed in 1880. Back then you could ride anything to work that had wheels. Of course, the horse was the most natural thing to ride and I do not believe most horses have wheels. Now I am all for saving the environment and getting the exercise required to be healthy… that said, I’m not too sure about this ride a bike to work day. If you wear a suit and carry a briefcase this could be a challenge. if you wear a dress to work and carry a purse, it could be an issue. If you work an hour away by car, this could be an issue. It’s a great idea but it takes some preplanning and some extra effort on your part. Try the night before as a test to make sure this is practical for you.

How to celebrate – Ride your bike to work. I would suggest not taking the highway. Form a bike ride to work group.

May 19th National Ride Your Bike To Work Day

We all need to get in better shape these days and riding a bike is a great way to do it. Better yet, ride it to work and save the environment, get in shape and get away from the traffic! (Just hope it doesn’t rain.)


Oh, and you may want to avoid busy streets too. There are a lot of bike lanes these days but most smaller cars think they were designed for them. However with the way traffic is these days you might actually get to work quicker! (Although that could be bad too…)


National Ride Your Bike To Work Day was created by the League of American Bicyclist by first creating National Bike Month in 1956. (The 3rd Friday in May) The League of American Bicyclist came out of The League of American Wheelmen in 1880. Wheelmen Wheelmen is what they called Bicyclist back in the 1880’s.


They have bikes today you can spend thousands of dollars on, some nearly as much as a car. And if you spend that much on a bike you need to ride it to work everyday, not just one day a year! Myself, I like the old bikes, no fifty gears and seat warmers… just pedal to the highway and off you go. Today, you need a college degree just to get the bike started.. ah, the old days!


And the hood ornaments for bikes these days are getting just a little out of control. I realize that you pick up speed by putting you read end higher in the air than your head but come on, can you imagine the Kardashians riding a bike like that? They’d have to develop “Wide-Load” signs for bikes!

How to celebrate – Ride your bike to work today. (Avoiding major highways) Prepare for your ride, loosen up the muscles. This is not the day for leg cramps! You may want to get a cart to ride behind your bike for your laptop, cell phone, briefcase, a change of clothes, your helmet, your lunch, extra shoes, a raincoat and anything else you might need while at work today.

November 22nd Go For A Ride Day

Today is “Go For A Ride Day”, a day to sit back and enjoy just going nowhere. As a parent most of us have taken our young children for a ride to get them to calm down and hopefully go to sleep. Well, if it works for babies, why not adults.


Why not enjoy just driving up and down the streets in a car they might have driven in the 1930’s. Back before there were highways and freeways where the only point is going as fast as you can to get where you are going. It use to be that we traveled down country lanes watching the leaves turn colors and enjoying the crops growing on the side of the road. Now the only crops growing along most roads are illegal in most states except

Or if you are a little more daring how about a ride in an old biplane. Looking down at earth while sailing among the clouds. The open air cockpit letting the breeze blow on your face, along with the old and fumes from the engine.  But still, it’s your chance to soar like an eagle unless you are in Colorado and stopping along the highway and cultivating the crops growing there.


Or maybe you feel like being a King or Queen for the day and riding in a carriage! I find it very relaxing to ride in a carriage, at night, in one of the old southern towns. (The northern towns are probably pretty calming too though I have never ridden in a carriage in the north.) It is relaxing though just hearing the horse’s hooves clap on the road way… and the horns of the cars behind you that are mad because they can’t get around you.


And this time of year there really is nothing like going on a snow sleigh ride. Just don’t go in your bathing suit.

Seriously though, going for a ride with no place in particular to go is relaxing. You get a chance to think about things you haven’t thought about in years, enjoy someone’s company (Someone who has hopefully gone along with you on the ride) and see things you normally miss when you are in a hurry to get somewhere.

How to celebrate – Figure out your favorite mode of transportation and go for a ride. It may be a plane, a train or an automobile. Close you eyes and remember a trip you made in the past when you enjoyed going where you wanted to.Take your best friend on the ride with you, whether that’s a person, a dog or a memory.