November 22nd Go For A Ride Day

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bike, in a car, on a horse, or even in or on a grocery cart today you need to go for a ride just for the fun of it. We all use our vehicles to get where we want to go but try taking a ride just to take a ride. I think of my dog who loves to go for car rides… I think she wonders why we don’t get out more often and check things out but shes gotten use to it so now it’s just a ride and she loves it! It’s funny how much more you see when you are just going for a ride. Things you miss when you are trying so hard to get somewhere.

How to celebrate – Go for a ride. Take your dog for a ride. (I do not suggest doing the same for your cat) Get some exercise so use a bike to ride.

Oct. 12th National Motorcycle Riding Day

Oct. 12th National Motorcycle Riding Day

Always celebrated the 2nd Saturday of October – today marks the end of the motorcycle riding season, according to the experts, as we put away our motorcycles for the colder weather. The day also marks when Dunlop tires developed the first tire that became practical to use on a motorcycle, hence why Chad Geer of Dunlop Tires created the day in 2015. Where I live motorcycle season never really comes to an end, but then, they aren’t as much fun to ride either on flat land. There is something about the mountains and forests that make a motorcycle ride all that much better. So take you cycle out for one more ride before the season ends and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair.

How to celebrate – Take your motorcycle for a ride. Get a side car so you can take a friend. Join a motorcycle club. Visit the social media sites of Chopper the Biker Dog from San Diego to learn more about his awesome charity work.