June 23rd National Take Your Dog To Work Day

Take Your Dog To Work Day June 23rd, 2017


Who wouldn’t want to take their best friend to work with them, not just today but everyday! Of course they might keep you from getting a lot of work done but isn’t that sort of what their job is!?!


To have a friendly face staring at you all day is so much better than looking at a computer screen, or writing up accounts, or whatever it is you do. Yes they will want to play, but a little play at work can lighten up the mood and actually help you to accomplish more!


Today was created by Pet Sitters International in 1999, always the Friday following Father’s Day. For more information you can contact the Association at takeyourdog@petsit.com.


How to celebrate – Take your dog to work! Remember to pack them a lunch and you may want to take along some of their favorite toys. By a suit for your dog to make them look “Official”.

February 22nd Walking the Dog Day

Walking the Dog Day


Feb 22nd is the day we celebrate taking our dogs for a walk. It is a great way to get some exercise for both yourself and your dog. It’s a wonderful way to explore something new that can only be done on foot, and it gives a little something back to a creature that loves you without condition.


Dogs truly are man’s best friend and they really ask so little in return. Remember that when they are with you, it is their time so let them lead you where they want to go (unless, of course, that place is dangerous!)


How to celebrate – Make sure that if you walk at night you get a light-up leash so others can see where you are. Take along a source of water for you and your friend. Don’t always travel the same route, explore new places.

September 18th Wife Appreciation Day

Today is one day all husbands should be aware of. It is perhaps one of the most under appreciated days of the year for one of the most under appreciated people in the world, a wife. She deserves a lot of credit just for putting up with her husband but she generally takes care of the house, cooks the meals, tends to the children (if there are any), and is still expected to be sexy enough to drive her husband wild.


Keeping a house clean is a 40 hour job a week just by itself. There are the clothes to wash, the dishes to clean, the dust bunnies to catch… Then add to that the cooking, which is generally a complex job multiplied by the number of people that have to be served. In most families, every person likes something different and while it might be easier to make them all eat the same thing, most moms will fix what they know their loved ones will eat.


There is the laundry to do, sewing, taking children to where they need to go and most wives still work a 40 hour a week job. They are also supposed to look nice, have pretty hair-dos and finished fingernails and toenails. They are supposed to understand their husbands whims, his short comings, and allow him to still be a little boy at heart from time to time.


Oh, and they are expected to take care of the pets, make sure they are fed and receive the vet visits when required. And they are expects to do it all with a smile on their faces and not complain. In other words, they are expected to be super human!

Now all wives may not live up to all the expectations. They may have a failing here or there but then, husbands have no defense to offer. No one is perfect but even making the effort to be is well worth being rewarded. So if you are lucky enough to have a wife, appreciate her for who she is. Help out a little bit and try to make her life better, after all that’s what she is doing for her husband.


How to celebrate – Take your wife to her favorite restaurant. Bring her some flowers, or candy or something to let her know she is special. Spend the day doing what she wants to do (I know its Sunday and football season but there will be other games and other days. Hopefully this is your one and only wife.)

April 23rd National Lost Dogs Awareness Day

I have been fortunate enough to have a dog, or two, for over 85% of my life.  They are more often than not a major part of my life.  They are my best friends, loyal companion and they expect nothing more from me than a little food and a little loving.  They give so much more back.

Lost Dogs Awareness Day was created by Susan Taney and Kathy Pobloskie in an effort to help reunite lost dogs with their families. They are the directors of Lost Dogs, Illinois and Lost Dogs, Wisconsin.  In only  few years they have opened chapters in Arizona, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Colorado, New Jersey and Iowa. Since they opened their doors they have helped bring lost dogs back to their families over 21,000 times.  I cannot imagine a more rewarding moment than witnessing when a dog and human are reunited after a long and scary absence for both of them.


Every dog you see on the street, every dog you see alone, every dog you see like the one above is likely missing their reason for living, their human.  Their human is likely feeling the same thing.  There are stories of dogs that have traveled hundreds of miles to find their home gain in their dearest loves arms. To think that the dog does not have feelings, does not care and does not even know where they belong just look at the face of this puppy above.  They live for us humans and many of us live for them.  People may call the human the master but they are not, they are the best friend the dog can have, the dog is the best friend the human will ever have.  There is no master here.  The good news on the photo above is that this dog was eventually reunited with his best friend.

To abuse an animal, dog or any other species, can only be done by a sub-human.  In my opinion, someone whose value sinks below even a worm.  But that is not what this day is all about.  This is a celebration, of sorts, for those who do their best to bring friends back together again.

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I assure you the smile on this dogs best friend is equal to the dogs smile.  Or maybe he’s thinking about what Susan Taney and Kathy Robloskie have started.  Please visit the LDOW community on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/findfido or on Twitter @LostdogsofWisc.  I am sure they could use your help but I know their clients can.

How to celebrate: Don’t put yourself in danger, a lost dog is frightened and their best defense is to bite… but if you see a dog that looks lost, don’t just walk by them, try to help them. (Imagine if you were lost how much a friendly voice, a touch of kindness or even a cool drink of water might mean to you). Contact the LDOW and see how you can help.  Donate some food to a local animal shelter to help feed someone who really would do the same for you if they could.