October 18th No Beard Day

Okay, I get it, today you should be clean shaven. (Particularly if you are a woman). If you are a man, a beard itches after a while, if you are a woman it can scratch your face of even tickle. The idea is being comfortable. But a beard has always been consider a sign of intelligence. Look at Einstein, Lincoln, Moses! They all had beards. Okay, maybe it was because they were too lazy to shave or maybe it’s because they didn’t have time to shave since they were thinking up great thoughts! But can you imagine Santa without a beard? So to call for a no beard day doesn’t mean that the greats can have a beard but if you are like me and not as great, shave so no one thinks that you are smarter than you really are!

How to celebrate – Shave. Try and disguise your beard if you have one. Go back to bed and let your beard grow.

October 18th National No Beard Day

Well, you can shave another holiday off the list, this is no beard day… and it’s national. So if you have one, today is the day to get rid of it… or hide it… which is sorta hard to do. With the summer rapidly falling behind us it is obvious it’s time to get rid of that beard.

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Because we all know we grow beards during the summer to keep us warm! So as the winter approaches, it’s time to get rid of it! That goes for women too. Not that many of them wear their beards openly.

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It seems like lately almost every baseball player is wearing a beard. I guess it has something to do with batting streaks and winning games. In the old days, men normally wore beards, mainly because they didn’t have razors. However, today is all about having no beard at all.


Well, guess it doesn’t matter, this is just something else that men allowed to be controlled for them. Some people like beards, some don’t… and no matter who the person with the beard is with, it all depends on whether their mate likes it or not.


And would ZZ Top be a band if not for their beards?  At least two out of three seem to think so! A beard, somehow, seems to give a man power. So, it is only fitting that it should be taken away.

How to celebrate – Shave off that beard! Shave off half your beard. Let’s strike for a new, improved, beardless Santa!