August 17th National Thrift Shop Day

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, maybe but where in the world do you find these treasures?!? You can wait for the weekend and go to garage sales or you can go to the Thrift Shop where they collect everything that didn’t sell at a garage sale.


The trick here is knowing what is treasure and what is trash. Now you can study all the antique books you can find but that still won’t make you an expert. Trust me, just because it looks old doesn’t always make it old. I’ve never been lucky enough to find  a fortune buying something that someone else discarded.


And isn’t that what most people find at thrift shops? Things that no longer fit, are outdated or mystery items no one knows what they are used for. And then, whatever it is has to get past the shop owner and the workers if there is any value to it. Not that it doesn’t happen, it does… but they are few and far between.


And there is no law requiring things like shoes to match. If you really want to wear two different shoes at the same time, why not? But as for setting a new trend, don’t count on it. Since you are wearing a mis-match pair of shoes there is probably someone else who bought the other pair!

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But its a lot like Christmas. You never know what you’re going to get but it is fun to anticipate what you might find. Keep on looking, it normally benefits someone in need.

How to celebrate – Go thrift shop shopping. Donate to thrift shops those things you no longer need. Study before you shop so you know what you are after.


November 24th Black Friday

Okay, so now we’ve all had a day where we got along with each other, way over eaten and shared and peace and harmony. Now it’s time to beat each other, run wild in the streets and search endlessly for a park space. It’s Black Friday!


It is the day when retailers begin to make profits, up to 70% of their yearly sales. Also one of the reasons so many retailers are going out of business. If they do not draw in the customers, they cannot afford to stay open because it will be followed by Cyber-Monday, the death nail of retailers everywhere.


It always amazes me how violent Black Friday becomes considering we are celebrating one of the happiest times of the year. Is your life really going to be better because you saved an extra hundred dollars on that big screen tv or a pack of batteries cost you 2 dollars less? Apparently so. People are now going to the malls armed to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Well, try to enjoy the day, even though most people aren’t going to. You can come back to all the left-overs after you have been out fighting the crowds. I hope you find the deal you are after! But try not to forget the reason for the season.

How to celebrate – Stay home and watch tv! Go out early, you’ll have even more time to get frustrated. Buy a suit of armor and defy anyone to touch you!

August 13th National Garage Sale Day

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Ain’t it the truth! I have gone to garage sales and paid good money, albeit very small, for an item I thought I could not live without. Of course 90% of the time the same item ends up in my next garage sale which I promptly sell to the next guy, for less than what I bought it for, and he thinks he is getting a steal. I could predict the same item ending up in half a dozen garage sales over the next year until it is actually given away!


And then there’s the guy that asks you how much for something and you say a dollar just because you want to get rid of it. It’s probably worth $20.00 but just because they have to get the best of the deal, they ask if you’ll take 95 cents for it. I have half a mind to tell them to forget it and go away, but then I have to pick the item back up and either throw it away or stash it for my next garage sale, so I take the 95 cents.  Frustrated, but at least it’s gone.


And at the end of the day you are so happy with the $100.00 you made, if you are lucky, until you realize that over the years you had spent well over a thousand dollars for it. You think to yourself, I won’t make that mistake again… but six months later you find yourself in another garage sale. How do we accumulate so much junk?


Oh, and then there’s that garage sale where your neighbor comes over to see what you are selling and you have forgotten that one item that you have made the most obvious for sale, is a gift they gave you. How do you explain that one away? You hope they don’t notice and you try to hide it, or explain somehow that ended up out here by mistake. You take it back and put it away in the hopes that they will be on vacation the next garage sale you have.


Well you can thank C. Daniel Rhodes for the day, he created it back in 2001 in his home state of Alabama. It always falls on the second Saturday in August. And I have to go now because guess what I am holding one right now? No kidding, we are moving so I am having a garage sale to get rid of the junk (er valuable relics) we have no use for anymore. I really don’t want to have to move more stuff than I have to. Funny thing is, we planned this without knowing it’s National Garage Sale Day until the night before.

How to celebrate – Grab a newspaper (if they still exist) and plot out your day like the bargain hunter you are. Drive ariund aimlessly and slowly looking for the telltale bright arrow signs. Grab a couple of boxes and start filling them with stuff you haven’t used in 6 months to have your own garage sale.