November 30th National Mason Jar Day

Thanks to the great people at NATIONAL DAY CALENDAR we now have our very own day “NATIONAL MASON JAR DAY” !!! We at Unboxing the Bizarre are thrilled to be recognized by this very fine organization.


Of course we couldn’t have done it without John Landis Mason who invented the metal ring lid that seals the Mason Jar in 1858. Prior to his invention glass jars had be used for perserving food but had been sealed with a wax that often allowed the contents to spoil. The metal ring creates an internal vacume that can perserve practically anything for as long as you need it.

Beers for the holiday season

It’s an American tradition! (Also available in Canada and around the world). Mason’s patent is #22186. Mason was a Philadelphia tinsmith. His legacy lives on with companies Ball, Kerr and Golden Harvest.


We are so proud to have been allowed to set this National Day Calendar Day in honor of a product that has served people so well. It is due this award as a part of our past, present and future.


How to celebrate – Fill the jar with your favorite recipes, make a minature Fairy Garden inside the jar or hang them from a chandelier!