October 14th Be Bald And Free Day

Just think about it, never having to brush or comb your hair… well this is your chance. The freedom of not having hair and not having to worry about it. A bald head says something about you. I’m not sure exactly what that is, but it does say something.


It’s becoming as popular with women as it has been for men. It has it’s advantages, your head generally stays cooler, sometimes hats fit better and for some unknown reason, people generally think it makes you look either smarter or tougher.


And there are those that we would not recognize if they did have a head of hair. Which could also be good because if they didn’t want to be recognized all they would have to do is throw on a wig and we would never know them. So I guess, you can always add hair but it’s a little more difficult to get rid of it!

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And it has it’s disadvantages as well. Your head sunburns easier and in the winter it can get really cold. Hats generally fly off in a strong with and people often have a hard time looking you in the eye is the sun is gleaming off your head.

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But remember, our national symbol here in the United States is bald so aren’t we making a statement that bald is beautiful, strong and appealing?

How to celebrate – If you are ever thinking about going bald, today is the day to do it! Get a bald cap and see how you would look if you were bald. Name ll the actors/actress’ you can think of that are bald.

June 20th National Bald Eagle Day

I do not know of a more majestic bird than the Bald Eagle. I am proud it is the symbol of America. It has been our national bird since 1782. As the national bird it is portrayed with 13 arrows in it’s left talon symbolizing the original 13 colonies and an olive branch, the symbol for peace, it it’s right talon.

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Had Benjamin Franklin had his way our national bird would be the turkey. Even Turkey doesn’t use a turkey as it’s national bird. I’m not sure if Franklin had just finished a Thanksgiving meal or what but making the turkey our national symbol would not have been a very good idea. After all, turkeys are known for drowning because they look up at the rain for too long.


Though we called it our national bird the day was not official until January 28, 1982 when President Ronald Reagan proclaimed it, Congress passing it into law on June 20, 1982. How it took over 200 years to make is official is beyond me!

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The eagle is a bird of prey, it does not kill for the joy of it but when it does strike, it is fast and deadly. Sort of like our special services are. It just looks like the kind of bird you don’t want to mess with but admire from afar.

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There is something about the Eagle that reminds us of freedom as well. It should never be caged, and in fact it is illegal to restrict one in any way.  It is a true symbol of what America, and Americans, stand for.

How to celebrate – See if you can spot an eagle in the sky where you live. (I am lucky, they are all over the place!) If you can’t find one locally, check at a zoo where those no longer able to fly find a home. Read about Eagles.

June 20th American Eagle Day

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This day was established to raise awareness of this majestic bird. Eagles are in the “Accipitridae” family and come in many varieties around the world. 60 species are in Eurasia and Asia. In the rest of the world there are 14 varieties of the Eagle, 2 in America, 9 in Central and South America, and 3 in Australia.

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Perhaps the most famous is the Bald Eagle in America which became our national symbol. Thankfully Ben Franklin’s turkey did not win or else we’d all be known as a bunch of turkeys here in the US – LOL! The Eagle is a bird of prey, meaning it hunts, in some cases animals larger than themselves. It has very keen eyesight and nests in tall trees or on cliffs (Eyries).


The smallest eagles are called boot eagles, 10 pounds and under, living mainly in Asia. The largest are the Philippine Eagles with a wing span that covers over 7 feet.The Eagle has talons that can cut like razors and shred any victim, but its main weapon is its hook like bill, capable of crushing bones.


Suggested ways to celebrate: Watch a documentary on Eagles, Climb a tree and look around like an eagle (first make sure the neighbors aren’t watching), Close your eyes and imagine you are soaring over the land like an eagle.