November 17th Homemade Bread Day

Today was created by the Homemade Bread Day Committee of Montague, Mi. No one seems to know exactly when that occurred but since bakers celebrate today by pricing a loaf of bread at 40 cents, the price charged in the 1970’s. There is nothing like the smell of bread baking. It can fill a house with a scent that makes nearly everyone feel better and hungry. I remember visiting a bakery at a Marine base just as they were baking bread for the day. I did not want leave and none of those with me wanted to leave either. If you can remember that scent from one or two loaves being baked at a home imagine a thousand loaves being baked all at the same time.

How to celebrate – Bake some bread today. Visit a bakery today. Thank a Baker.

October 1st National Homemade Cookie Day

Love cookies!?! Can’t get out to get them from the store!?! Well, make them yourself! There is nothing like the smell of baking cookies in the house except maybe taking a warm cookie coming out of the oven and dunking it in a glass of milk. Today is the day to make those cookies the whole family enjoys, or even if you just enjoy them yourself. You can choose the flavor, size and shape of the cookie, how much it is cooked and who gets them. Bake them from scratch, or from a package, it doesn’t really matter.

How to celebrate – Bake some cookies! Try to invent a new type of cookie. Try and name as many types of cookies as you can.

December 18th Bake Cookies Day

With Christmas coming up it is the time of the year to fill the house with the scent of joy. Nothing spells out, or smells out, the scent of cookies baking to bring the family together, not just at Christmas but all year round.


Some believe that it is the scent of cookies cooking that brings Santa to your house in the first place. Who knows, maybe they are right! After-all, the scent of the cookies baking will waft out the chimney and into the neighborhood and Santa follows that scent down the chimney to get his reward.


It doesn’t really matter what flavor you use, chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter… they are all good. You can decorate them for the holidays, or serve them plain… they are going to disappear really fast either way.


And for many, making them is as much fun as eating them. Maybe it’s the anticipation, the togetherness of preparing or just sitting around waiting for them to cook… it seems to bring out the best in everyone.


So get out the cookie cutters, the chocolate chips, the dough and whatever you need and get started! Make some cookies for everyone in your family, your neighbors and your friends.

How to celebrate – Make some cookies. Buy scented candles and imitate the scent of baking cookies. Buy a new set of cookie cutters.


December 22nd National Date Nut Bread Day

As it seems the majority of bizarre holidays in December are, it’s another food day. Today is National Date Nut Bread Day! If you like nuts and dates, today is your day! It is a tasty treat, normally served up for the holidays. Although, some say the actual date is September 8th, though I say they are nuts! Get it, date…nuts…!

Of course there are nuts in the loaf, normally walnuts, and dates along with treacle or tea to make it that dark, rich color. Scotland is credited with it’s creation, first appearing in recipe form in 1939.

While regularly serve in Scotland… America, Australia, Britain and New Zealand also make date nut bread a part of their diet. Of course since it is a part of the Christmas season it is available in nearly every country that celebrates Christ.

Add a little cream cheese and now you’re talking! A date nut bread sandwich. Though the first recipe is recorded in 1939 I can only guess that it has been around for centuries.  Try it coming fresh out of the oven when it is at it’s best.

How to celebrate – Make some date nut bread today. Create your own date nut bread recipe. Keep a loaf around for the rest of the holidays!