April 29th National Zipper Day

It’s kind of amazing that the zipper has been around as long as it has been Elias Howe created the “Continuous Clothing Closure” in 1851 but he never marketed it so people continued to button and unbutton as required. Howe’s patent was secure on April 29th, 1851. In 1893, during the Chicago World’s Fair, Whitcomb Judson introduced the “Clasp Locker”, an improved version of what Howe had created. It still didn’t catch on until Swedish scientist Gideon Sundback introduced the modern day zipper in 1913. Even then it still wasn’t called the “Zipper” until B. F. Goodrich dubbed the name in 1923.

How to celebrate – Appreciate your zipper. Imagine your life without a zipper. Sing “Zippity-Do-Da”.