June 12th National Automotive Service Professionals Day

June 12th National Automotive Service Professionals Day

Everybody wants to be a lawyer or a doctor, a professional athlete or president, a rock star or a scientist but if no one was an automotive service professional then we would probably all be stuck at home… all the doctors or lawyers, athletes, presidents, rock stars, or scientists couldn’t get to work. We often underrate those that provide those things we require to just function in normal society. Today has been celebrated since 2001 and should probably have been celebrated long before that.

How to celebrate – Thank your automotive service person for what they do. Imagine a day without your car. Try fixing your own car when it breaks down, good luck with that!

October 2nd Name Your Car Day

We all so it, we name our cars like they are our best friends, or worst enemies. I guess it all depends on how they treat us, or how we feel they treat us. Some days they have really good names, and then there are those days where we cannot repeat the names we call them.

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Some cars can have cute names like Minnie or Baby, Tiny or Squirt, Micro or Mighty Mouse! We all get the picture, these are small cars that get us where we are going but not much more. They are easy to park, get great gas mileage but are a bit cramped. It’s hard to fault them for too much because there isn’t a lot expected of them.


Then there are cars like Smoky here. You might think they are burning rubber but in reality they  are burning up the engine. It’s hard to fault the car because it did not burn up it’s own engine, the owner did, but I bet it was given a few choice names by the guy who burnt him up!


It’s also sort of funny cause when things are going right with our cars they seem to be given female names, when they go wrong they suddenly become males. This one looks like a Maizey to me. I bet it is a blur as it goes down the road.


Then there are cars named for their owners, like this one owned by Jay Leno. I have no idea what he calls it but I can imagine it being something like Jay 1 or Jaybird. I think I would call it Freedom or Joy or Look At How Rich I am.

How to celebrate – Give your car a name, something that can be used in mixed company. Maybe give it two names, one for the good days and one for the bad! When you are on a long road trip give the cars you see a name, try not to repeat yourself.