April 8th National All is Ours Day

This is an interesting day, it celebrates the spectacular. However what truly is spectacular is the fact that today is just… today. It does not belong to anyone, it belongs to us all. So as you go through your day you need to take note of those spectacular things the world offers, not just to you, but to us all. Things like sunsets, moonlight, blue skies, majestic mountains… all the things God created for us to enjoy that we so often see but do not comprehend.

How to celebrate – Find all the things that we all own. Enjoy people. Look for the good things in life.

July 26th All Or Nothing Day

Today is the day to go for it! To reach beyond those limitations you place on yourself, and the world puts in your way. It could be something big, or something small… it doesn;t matter, it’s All Or Nothing Day.

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How about running for office? Sure, maybe you are qualified or know nothing about any of the issues, maybe you don’t even know where you live but today… that’s doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that you try for it! And frankly, you probably can’t do much worse than those already in office.

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Or maybe you want to win a beauty pageant! It no longer matters if you are pretty or physically fit, all that matters is that you think you are beautiful in your own head. Why strive to be anything beyond the norm, that’s not what true beauty is all about… it’s about your soul.

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Or maybe you want to be rich! I know I do. The reality is none of us is going to get there but maybe you can win at monopoly and pretend! After all, what would you really do with that stack of gold?


Or maybe your idea of going for it is going for nothing at all! There is nothing wrong with that. After all, if you start with nothing it’s a whole lot easier to go for something!

How to celebrate – Try doing something you have always wanted to do but have never tried to do. Reach for the stars! (You may need a ladder)  Be happy with who you are and what you have.

April 8th National All Is Ours Day

This is one of those days that makes you scratch your head a little. I think we all get the concept of what the creator of this day means, but they never define what it is they are seeking. I mean, the world is ours, the money is ours, the dreams are ours… I get that, but to imply everything is ours seems a bit much.


If they meant everything in the world is ours then to some degree I agree. But not everything in the world can actually be ours! By example, you can plant a tree but you will never really own it. You can love a person but you will never really own them. And then no one can own a cloud, so to say everything is ours is a bit of a stretch.


Or maybe they mean something like Our Gang. Spanky and the rest never really owned anything except for their thoughts and ideas. Yes, they acted like everything was theirs but in the end, it never really was.


And then there were the Three Musketeers. They were “One for all, and all for one” which would seem a bit like All Is Ours but then, it’s not exactly the same. They shared their lives, their swords and their food with each other but history tells us, they weren’t all that kind to their enemies.


Maybe what it means is that all we really need is ours. We think we want a lot of others things but when it comes down to it, we only really need love, peace and happiness. Corny, yes, but All Is Ours to have if we just look for it.

How to celebrate – List what you would share with others. Try and figure out what you really own. Find out what the creator of this day meant!