August 21st Senior Citizen’s Day

This is a category that most of us never really want to see but not reaching it is even worse. The idea of being a Senior Citizen can be frightening. The idea of being old rarely sits well with anyone but the opposite isn’t a good option either. It seems like being a Senior Citizen means your better days are past and there isn’t much to look forward to. Ronald Reagan didn’t feel that way though. that’s why he became President after becoming a Senior and Proclaimed today to be a day to celebrate those Seniors among us. It’s Proclamation 5847, made on August 19th, 1988. You are as old as you think you are, so think young.

How to celebrate – Honor those Seniors in your life. Never give up on your dreams. Stay young at heart.

October 1st International Day For The Elderly

Though none of us will admit it, we all want to get older. The problem with that is that we want to be able to do everything we did when we were younger while being older. Unfortunately, we can’t. The good thing about it is, we know it. There do come moments however that we forget and try to do things we shouldn’t, or may even know better than trying to attempt.

Internatrional Day

When we are young we almost always want to be older than we are. (Maybe not Peter Pan, but most of the rest of us do.) We want to be old enough to stay up late, but when we get there we go to bed early. We want to be able to drive, but when we get there someone takes the keys away from us. We want to be old enough to vote, but when we get there we find out there is no one worth voting for.


We want to be respected for what we know and what we have accomplished… but most of the time no one cares or listens to us anyway. So to have a day where the world celebrates us is good. The day was created in 1990 by the United Nations and original called International Day For Older People. So, what’s the difference. Would you rather be called old or elderly?


And why do we have to put labels on everything!?! The fact is, if we are lucky, we all get older until we are elderly. Then we just kind of are. It’s funny how we start out needing everybody’s help, then needing some help, then needing no help and then back to needing some help and finally back to needing everyone’s help.


Well, here’s a fact for you. Today 1 in 10 people are called elderly. By 2050 it is estimated 5 out of 10 will be elderly. By 2150 it will be 1 in 3. we are gonna need a lot of help!

How to celebrate – Visit someone elderly today. Respect the elderly if for no other reason than they have managed to live that long. Learn from the elderly what to do, and what not to do.

October 14th Be Bald And Be Free Day

I suppose there are certain advantages to being bald. You don’t need a hairbrush, you don’t need shampoo, you don’t need conditioner, you don’t need a barber… okay well maybe every once in a while you do… but you probably will need a hat when it gets cold.

Be Bald and be Free Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy from Wellcat. I don’t know when or where and don’t care either! If you choose to be bald, or have a condition that causes you to go bald, do it.

Many men go bald as they age. I am sure there is a scientific reason for it, but they seem none the worse off for it. Some of them even look good!


It fits their character of rough and tumble and I assume to some it makes them sexy. Mr. Clean was always bald, maybe it shows cleanliness.  The newest rage is for women to go bald…


… and if what they are after is to look more like a man, then more power to them! I am sure they will attract women who  would otherwise find a bald man looking sexy. I think it is a true statement about today and society. So many men are trying desperately to be women and so many women are trying desperately to be a man. If we all went bald headed and wore baggy clothes no one would know what we were and maybe that would be a good thing. Even better, we could all be molded to have the same face and love each other because we are all human beings and have no attraction to anyone! Then we could live like dogs do, sniffing out each others scents so we knew what sex they were!.


And you now what, Hillary Clinton actually looks better bald! She sort of looks like one of those aliens from Mars on Saturday Night Live!


And Donald Trump looks a little more like a politician. Like the wise old sage.

So you know what… you want to be bald, this is a great opportunity for ya! it will certainly set you free… until it rains, or snows, or it’s cold, or the sun’s too bright, or the wind is blowing hard, or your on a construction site and have to wear one of those helmets, or when someone above you spits, or when there’s a bird overhead, or when you don’t want to shine in the moonlight, or when…

Ah, it’s your head. Do what you want.

How to celebrate – Cut all your hair off and see if you like it! Buy one of those fake bald head pieces and check yourself out as a bald person. Start chanting and move to a mountain retreat.