November 20th Absurdity Day

Nov. 20th Absurdity Day

Can you imagine a world where ever T was crossed and every I was doted? Where everyone wore the same clothes, spoke the same language, and ate the same foods? To me, that would be absurd. What do you consider absurd? Is it some one who dresses in strange clothes or wears their hair in different colors. I admit that is not my cup of tea either. But, they, just as I, have the right to think the way they want, dress the way they want, and to do the unexpected from time to time. Without these absurdities we would all be the same. I don’t always like them, sometimes I totally disagree with them, but we have the right to be as absurd as we want to be… when I don’t like it, I’ll just look the other way.

How to celebrate – Live and let live. Try something you’ve never done before.  Make a list of things you think others might find absurd about you.

November 20th National Absurdity Day

In a world where the normal is absurd, absurdity having its own day is not as unusual as you might think. From politics to football, something meant to be so simple has become so complex that it all borders on the absolute absurd.

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If you think it could never happen, you can expect it today. Those who look for the absurd find it every day. Those of us that don’t look for it often miss it. That person wearing two different colored shoes. A bird acting friendly to a cat. An airplane flying upside down.


There are laws on the books in every state that were written years ago and do not really apply today, but since they have never been removed they might still be enforced. Laws such as you can’t chew gum in public. It is illegal to keep cattle inside your living quarters. You may not drink hard liquor until after 8 in the morning.

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For a while, I taught guitar to kids in a music store. Some were good, some weren’t… that is to be expected. What I did not expect was that a girl could get her hair caught on a straight guitar string. Some how it got so tangled we had to cut her hair from the string. I would never have thought it could have happened if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

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So expect the unexpected and keep your eyes open for all the absurd things you see today.

How to celebrate – Keep a journal, or even take pictures with your phone, of all the things you see that are odd today. Do something unusual to add to Absurdity Day.  Read a newspaper and see how many absurd articles you can find.