February 9th National Pizza Day

Here’s a day most of us can really sink our teeth into, National Pizza Day. Though I have met people who do not like pizza they are very few and far between. Pepperoni is the most popular here in the States where over 3 billion pizzas are sold yearly.


My studies show pizza first came from a bread that Greek soldiers placed on their shields to cook while on campaign. They would put herbs and sauces on the bread, which would heat on the shields and serve up a tasty, and healthy, meal. As Greece eventually came under control of the Romans, their “pizza” became Italian.


The first pizza sold to the public came from Naples, Italy in 1738. It was a fast, easy meal for people on the move. Of course the Italians added their own ingredients to the pizza making it a little closer to what we know today.


The two largest days for the pizza industry in America are, 1st – The Super Bowl and 2nd – Halloween. 3rd is any day at my house. (Not really but I sort of wish it were!) Pizza can be healthy, if you put the right toppings on it, but then who cares… pizza is pizza! I like all the bad stuff!


How to celebrate – Have a pizza today. Learn how to make pizza from scratch! Try a t9opping on your pizza you have never had before.