Countdown to our National Holiday – Mason Jar Day!

Sooooooo excited. Look what we found today!!! It is perfect…countdown to #NationalMasonJarDay Check out for more info on this New National Holiday created by us!!!

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November 2 2017 Men Make Dinner Day

It’s #MenMakeDinnerDay
Unboxers, if you subscribed to our November Original Holiday Box, its time to pull out the Keep Calm and Cook Hand Towel, hand it to the man in the house (or friend) and let them cook away to celebrate the day!



Read on for more about the day… Always the first Thursday of November, probably to celebrate the upcoming holidays, this is the day men should fix dinner for their loved ones. It is also known as “Make Your Wife Dinner Day”. There are a lot of men that cook today, unlike the past where women were expected to prepare all the meals for the family. If men are not particularly adept at cooking, it may become a very odd and strange meal but it’s not about the final result, it’s about the thought. Ladies, please remember that! 

How to celebrate – Men, cook dinner for your family (this does not include bringing home something from a restaurant!) Give your wife a choice of what you think you can make! Make it romantic by adding candles and a little soft jazz in the background. #dinner #subscriptionbox #subscriptionboxes #homeschool #history #trivia #holidays #nationalholidays #weird #wild #wacky #bizarre #unboxbizarre #november

October 31- November 2 Dia de los Muertos

Hey Unboxers, if you subscribed to our November Iriginal Holiday or Mini Trial Box, you get to start your celebration a day early because today marks the start of a 3 day celebration in the US for Dia de los Muertos. So pull out that Gigantic Big Mouth Inc Sugar Skull Beach Blanket and party with us for the next 3 days!

Read on for more about the day…

Dia de los Muertos

This holiday, celebrated in Mexico is better known as the “Day of the Dead” day. It is a time to remember people, friends, family who have passed and to recognize family and friends who are still alive. It was created in the 19thcentury by Jose Gualupe Posada and promoted by the art work of Diego Rivera. It is similar to Halloween but a completely different holiday.

How to celebrate – Have a feast with those family members that can gather.  Throw a Day of the Dead party. Remember family members that are no longer among us.

Holiday Present Giving Blues ???

For us, every day is a holiday! For others there’s what they call a Holiday Season! We can help with that… It’s that time of year again!!! Let us help you with the holidays!
You could buy a subscription to either one of our boxes (Original Holiday,  Party All Night, or Mini Holiday Trial) as a gift, but better yet…why not buy a subscription for yourself to our Original Holiday Box and have 4 great gifts delivered right to your home to wrap and give to your loved ones and friends for the holidays, or even for party host gifts! No waiting-in-line-hassels, no trying to figure out the perfect gift for someone. And even better yet, you can keep one of the items for yourself and still have 3 to give! And the cool thing, there are 2 months of boxes ’til giving time so if you start a subscription now, you’ll have 8 items to choose from to match up to the happy giftee!
Past boxes have included beautiful windchimes, nightlights, geeky star trek tin signs, music boxes, blankets, teapots, playing cards, unique vases, astronaut icecream, salt and pepper shakers, cool pencil holders, Loaf Soap, Tshirts, Pocketwatches, Puzzles, and much more.

Peruse some past box pictures on IG or head over to our site click on “What’s Inside” to see more info and pics of past boxes.
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October 8 2017 World Octopus Day

If it has eight arms and lives under the water, it is probably an Octopus! The Octopus pre-dates even dinosaurs, with fossils having been found over 300 million years old.


The Giant Pacific Octopus can weigh more than 600 pounds and though they look slow, are able to move rather quickly. It is known to be one of the smarter animals on earth with over 500 million neurons in its brain and arms.  They are known to be able to problem solve and learn lessons requiring some reasoning.


How to celebrate – Go diving and observe the octopus in action. Rent an octopus costume and try operating all eight arms at once. Play a game of chess against an octopus you find in a park.

September 2017 Original Holiday Box

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October 2017 Original Holiday Box – Guillory Family Video Review

A huge Thank You to the Guillory Family for their continued support and AWESOME review!!!

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