July 23rd National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Wow, another ice cream day in the middle of summer, would have thought! Today we celebrate vanilla as our flavor of choice. It is second only to chocolate but we would probably not even have chocolate if not for vanilla. Vanilla ice cream also lends itself to any flavoring you want to add to it, butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry and practically any fruit you can imagine. You simply start with something that tastes great as it is and then you can add to it. Vanilla seems to go with just about any other taste you may be savoring. All great taste starts somewhere and vanilla ice cream seems to be the place to start with desserts, snacks or just for the everyday treat.

How to celebrate – Have some vanilla ice cream. Make ice cream sundaes. Make an ice cream soda (float) starting with, of course, vanilla ice cream!

July 22nd Hammock Day

Ah summer, it’s hot, maybe rainy and the kids are out of school. You will be under a lot of stress! So what’s the best way to relax? Gently swaying in the shade of a couple of trees while sipping your favorite beverage and maybe reading a book. It’s what the hammock was invented for! Well, not really but it works! Hammocks have been around since man decided he did not want to sleep on the ground. It is a cooler way to sleep, surrounding yourself an breeze available. They were also useful on ships. The hamock swayed with the rocking of the ships at sea allowing the occupant to not be trashed about and they could be raised and lowered as the need required, allowing for room in the tight quarters set aside for the sailors. Today was created by Bob Matthews who insists it is not a National holiday even though most sites show it as such. The day was created in 2008 for Holiday Insights during the “Dog Days” of summer.

How to celebrate – Buy a hammock. Check out all the different types of hammocks available. Pretend you are a pirate.

July 20th National Lollipop Day

July 20th National Lollipop Day

Candy has been around since, well… forever, but not so the lollipop! It was created by George Smith of the Bradley Smith Company in 1908. Apparently no one else had the idea of putting candy on a stick. Personally, I find that a little hard to believe since everything, early on, was served on a stick, but lets go with it anyway.  George named his new invention after his favorite race horse, “Lolly Pop”. I know when I think of candy I always think of race horses so it’s just a natural progression. And most horses I know like lollipops, they even eat the stick!

How to celebrate – Go get yourself a lollipop. Share your lollipop with your favorite horse. Make your own lollipops at home.

July 20th National Moon Day

July 20th National Moon Day

Today celebrates the day the astronauts first set foot on the moon in 1969. The “Eagle” had landed at Tranquility Base, it was “One small step for man. one giant leap for mankind”. Today also celebrates the Apollo program started by John F. Kennedy to compete with the Russian space program. The moon is something you can admire nearly every night. I don’t think anybody knows exactly what purpose the moon serves but since it’s there, might as well put it to use!  Some say there is a man in the moon, others say it’s the Marine emblem, some think it’s made of cheese and a few think it’s showing your rear end out the window of a car. Guess it’s your choice, choose wisely.

How to celebrate  –  Look up at the moon. Have a moonlight picnic out in your yard.  Call Space-X and get your ticket to go to the moon.

July 19th National Daiquiri Day

In 1898 Jennings Stockton Cox came up with the idea for the modern day daiquiri. He was a mining engineer in Cuba and was looking for something that would be refreshing and alcoholic, his fellow miners needed something to look forward to at the end of the day. It was a success! The favorite flavor then, as it is now, was strawberry. It was the dead of summer and he felt that the drink would lighten the spirits, one way or the other! It was named for the village the Venus Bar was located in. All I have been able to find in the Spanish translation is that is a noun, I presume someone’s name. Ernest Hemingway found a way to make it even more refreshing and talked a Havana, Cuba bartender to put ice in blender and create the frozen daiquiri. That was in the 1940’s. Any fruit can be used to make the daiquiri and it can be frozen of chilled. Add a little rum and it’s nearly the perfect adult drink.

How to celebrate – Have a daiquiri! Invent your own flavor of daiquiri. Visit Cuba (Once it’s legal again).

July 18th National Caviar Day

Roe, roe, roe your boat! Today we celebrate the first person who ever found fish eggs laying there and thought, oh, I bet that would be great to eat! The best caviar is consider those eggs that come from the sturgeon in the Caspian Sea, (That’s Russian) and the black fish eggs are considered better than the red. Well, we eat chicken eggs so why not fish eggs? They are sort of small so it’s kinda hard to crack the shell open and fry them. That was a yolk by the way, don’t even try. It sort of figures that something that looks kinda nasty and doesn’t smell all that good would become some of the most expensive food to eat. If you can even call it food. It’s sort of a snack that you eat with crackers. You have to be really, really rich to make a meal of it. I find it a little ironic that yesterday was National Hot Dog Day, a common man’s food, and today is National Caviar Day, a rich man’s food. Maybe combine them! A hot dog smothered in caviar!

How to celebrate – Taste test which caviar you like the best. Vacation in Russia. Become wealthy.