November 5th American Football Day

Nov. 5th American Football Day

Most of the world calls soccer football, makes sense since you can really only use your feet, and head, and body. But American Football is much different. In fact, you use your hands as much, or more, than anything else. Did you know professional football started in 1920? It started as the American Professional Football League but was changed in 1922 to the NFL (National Football League). This is truly an American sport, along with Baseball.  There are 32 professional teams and numerous semi-pro teams. College football has become as popular as profession football. Here in America it is bound to stay, in fact it’s starting to catch on around Europe as well. It does make me wonder what they will call it there.

How to celebrate – Go to a football game. Watch football on television. See how many football players you can list without looking them up.

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