Oct. 21st Day of Wonder

Oct. 21st Day of Wonder

If you guessed that today celebrate Wonder Woman you are right! Did you know she’s over 75 years old!?! She began her world saving career in All Star Comics #8 as Princess Diana of Themyscira, where ever that is. Among her special powers of super strength, voice impressions and ability to turn really nice circles, she has her lasso of truth. I have heard that the lasso also gave her the other powers she has but I cannot confirm that. It seems our early heroes had to come from another planet where they were normal but when reaching earth they suddenly had super powers. Seems to be a pretty common theme with Superman having the same advantages over us weak humans. What isn’t weak about us earthlings is how rich we made the creators of these fictitious characters.

How to celebrate – Find some Wonder Woman comics. Watch the old reruns of Wonder Woman. Create your own new superhero.

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