August 8th Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

Now here’s a fun thing we all look forward to every year, sneaking some zucchini onto our neighbor’s porch and then watching their reaction as they find it. Actually you could break the mold and use any vegetable, although then you’d probably have to create another day. If you neighbor grows their own vegetables then it probably won’t have the same effect. That wonder in their eyes of where did this zucchini come from is a laugh a minute, unless of course you intended to use that zucchini for a salad later, then the laughs on you! So knock yourself out today and put a zucchini on all your neighbors porch’s!

How to celebrate – Place a zucchini on your neighbors porch! Get your camera ready! Go back to bed and forget today ever happened.

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