May 22nd National Buy A Musical Instrument Day

Music calms the beast inside of us. That is, of course, unless you get frustrated trying to learn it. But really, think about your life without music. And the only way music is created is by people playing instruments. (Yes, the voice is considered an instrument as well) If you have space, you might want to consider buying a grand piano or a tuba. If not, try a harmonica or a jaw harp. My personal love is the guitar, of which at one time I owned 56. You never know where it might take you. You could go from hours of fun to becoming a rock star! (If that’s your thing) Music makes the world go round and you can be a part of that just by buying a musical instrument. Oh, and renting it, well that’s just an excuse for giving it up!

How to celebrate – Select the musical instrument that best fits your situation. Take a few lessons to help you learn. Look for instruments that grow in value.

May 21st National Waiters and Waitresses Day

This is often a very unappreciated job. This person, be they male or female, is the personal contact point between you and the rest of the staff at a bar, eatery, or anywhere someone waits on you. They do work hard for the money they earn and more often than not get blamed for anything that meets with your displeasure whether they had anything to do with it or not. They normally treat you like you are special, even when you aren’t. You expect them to get everything perfect about what you have ordered even though they might be waiting on dozens of people. Remember them after you have been served. Remember they are people too and can make mistakes and that this is the way they make their living and contribute to society. Treat them as such.

How to celebrate – Try being a server yourself. Tip well. Be kind to all those who give you service.

May 20th Be A Millionaire Day

Today is all about money, the kind of money that you can claim to be rich. Millionaire kind of money. Of course, today’s millionaire needs to be a billionaire to qualify to be rich. It’s sort of like education, a bachelor’s degree use to be for the smartest of people, now it seems everybody has one and a master’s degree is what to strive for. Well, making money does not really define who we are, it defines what we are. Many find the more they make they more they spend, so that million dollars isn’t what it use to be. Still, most of us would like to have a million dollars! (There are times I’d like to have ten dollars!) Well today is the day for you to strive to become a millionaire, even if you don’t make it at least you’ve tries and certainly bettered your financial situation.

How to celebrate – Start today on your way to become a millionaire. Play Monopoly. Invest in the stock market. (But be careful)

May 19th World Plant A Vegetable Garden Day

This is the time of year to be planting gardens! The cold weather should finally be over and the flowers in bloom. And why not lower your food bill as well by planting a vegetable garden! Gardens with flowers and beautiful plants are fun to look at but not as rewarding as having that first salad you have grown on your own. Fresh ears of corn, green beans, you name it… you can grow it. Even if you live in an apartment with limited space you can still grow a vegetable garden (naturally with smaller results). Today was created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY in 2019. Wow, that’s like this year! The plants are equally as beautiful as flowers and they have a purpose too! Get planting!

How to celebrate – Plant some vegetables. Look into growing restrictions on the plants you are growing. New types of containers are available to assist you growing vegetables, like FarmDaddy, check them out.

May 18th International Museum Day

May 18th International Museum Day

Museums remind of us of where we have been, and possibly show us where we are going as well. Things we just can’t live without today had to come from somewhere and generally those proto-types can be found in museums all over the world.  Of course, museums also teach us about animals and nature as well. This day was created in 1977 by the International Council of Museums.

How to celebrate – Visit a museum. Look for all the antiques in your house.  Donate historical items you no longer want to a museum so that others can enjoy them.

May 17th National Bike To Work Day

This is a great idea! Let’s all ride to work on our bicycles. It is always the 3rd Friday in May and has been created by the League of American Bicyclists who came from the League of American Wheelmen, formed in 1880. Back then you could ride anything to work that had wheels. Of course, the horse was the most natural thing to ride and I do not believe most horses have wheels. Now I am all for saving the environment and getting the exercise required to be healthy… that said, I’m not too sure about this ride a bike to work day. If you wear a suit and carry a briefcase this could be a challenge. if you wear a dress to work and carry a purse, it could be an issue. If you work an hour away by car, this could be an issue. It’s a great idea but it takes some preplanning and some extra effort on your part. Try the night before as a test to make sure this is practical for you.

How to celebrate – Ride your bike to work. I would suggest not taking the highway. Form a bike ride to work group.

Super Excited to Announce our New Adventure!

Woohoo final logo!!! and now….drumroll, please……
So excited to announce…hopping your way in June…the Don’t Tell the Easter Bunny Podcast. Follow and Like us on our Social Media Channels to get info leading up to the launch, including info on our podcast site http://donttelltheeasterbunny.podbean.comour sister IG site @donttelltheeasterbunny; sister twitter handle @donttelltheeas1; sister FB Page @donttelltheeasterbunny

We all know the mainstream holidays like Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and Easter but there are many more that are not celebrated by the masses. Join us every two weeks for discussions based on the unsung festivities that bring joy to people in the unlikeliest of ways. These holidays range from the silly and wacky, with an emphasis on family friendly topics. Just don’t tell the Easter Bunny – he might get jealous!

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May 16th Wear Purple For Peace Day

Over the years purple has been associated with royalty. Now it’s associated with peace. It seems odd to me to use a color associated with a group that is generally associated with so much violence. Now like the color purple, I don’t wear it much but for the sake of peace I guess I would. If I can feel royal at the same time, all the better. I am not sure wearing any color will actually bring about peace. Unless it’s a blinding color that keeps the armies from seeing each other. White is now surrender, red promotes violence, yellow means you are a coward and purple is royalty. Why not, maybe we should wear a rainbow, but that has its means as well. Oh well, you can wear whatever color you want most of the time but today, wear purple.

How to celebrate – Wear something purple today. Pretend you are royalty. At least eat something purple.

May 15th Police Officer’s Memorial Day

By Act of Congress, Police Officer’s Memorial Day was begun to honor those men and women who have fallen in the line of duty, serving the people of their communities and states. It seems to be a fade today to hate police because they are often forced to use force in the duties they perform. Can you imagine what it would be like to perform the minor chores you do at work everyday but add to that the risk that someone might shot you? Stab you? Or even try to run you over? People do a lot of illegal things but they never want to be caught. Sometimes they even take to violence to keep from getting caught. You and I do not intercede, but a police man, woman, don’t have that option. They have to protect their communities and the people that live there. It’s not easy and while we are seldom perfect, neither are the humans in the police forces. But we do not risk our lives everyday, they do.

Hot to celebrate – Honor the police that keep you safe. If you don’t ever do anything illegal there is little chance you will ever be confronted by the police. Be respectful.

May 14th Dance Like A Chicken Day

Well even though this is the day to save your best chicken dance for, it seems like it is used far more often than maybe it should be. I remember when I was in a band, playing clubs, and watching the dancers we were playing for. I must say they were probably more entertaining than we were!

No one takes credit for the day (Can you blame them?), but it may have come from Swiss accordion player Werner Thomas from Davos, Switzerland. He created “Der Ententanz” which is the “Duck Dance” in the 1950’s. It became popular during weddings and special events in Europe. Maybe when it came to the United States, we changed it to the Chicken Dance since we had more chickens than ducks.

How to celebrate – Create your own version of the chicken dance. Waddle through today. Have the courage to dance badly.