May 20th Be A Millionaire Day

Today is all about money, the kind of money that you can claim to be rich. Millionaire kind of money. Of course, today’s millionaire needs to be a billionaire to qualify to be rich. It’s sort of like education, a bachelor’s degree use to be for the smartest of people, now it seems everybody has one and a master’s degree is what to strive for. Well, making money does not really define who we are, it defines what we are. Many find the more they make they more they spend, so that million dollars isn’t what it use to be. Still, most of us would like to have a million dollars! (There are times I’d like to have ten dollars!) Well today is the day for you to strive to become a millionaire, even if you don’t make it at least you’ve tries and certainly bettered your financial situation.

How to celebrate – Start today on your way to become a millionaire. Play Monopoly. Invest in the stock market. (But be careful)

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