May 15th Police Officer’s Memorial Day

By Act of Congress, Police Officer’s Memorial Day was begun to honor those men and women who have fallen in the line of duty, serving the people of their communities and states. It seems to be a fade today to hate police because they are often forced to use force in the duties they perform. Can you imagine what it would be like to perform the minor chores you do at work everyday but add to that the risk that someone might shot you? Stab you? Or even try to run you over? People do a lot of illegal things but they never want to be caught. Sometimes they even take to violence to keep from getting caught. You and I do not intercede, but a police man, woman, don’t have that option. They have to protect their communities and the people that live there. It’s not easy and while we are seldom perfect, neither are the humans in the police forces. But we do not risk our lives everyday, they do.

Hot to celebrate – Honor the police that keep you safe. If you don’t ever do anything illegal there is little chance you will ever be confronted by the police. Be respectful.

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