April 30th National Honesty Day

I find it very interesting that a political figure created today, M. Hirsh Goldberg, once former Press Secretary of Maryland in the 1990’s. He created it, using April, because he thought it the perfect month since April starts with April Fools Day. So at the opposite end of the month, why not have a national honesty day. Coming from a group of people who are generally thought of being the worst liars in all of mankind it just seems a little hard to believe. Maybe, if our political leaders started being honest (Ever) we could take this day a little more seriously. It’s sort of like Chicken Little who claimed the sky was falling. The lies were said so much that when it actually was falling, no one believed them. But, if you are not currently in elected office, maybe we could be honest with each other. That said, you have to be careful of being honest because most people don’t really want to hear the truth, they just want to hear their version of the truth. Trying telling anyone that they look awful today and see just how well that goes!

How to celebrate – Figure out the truth for yourself, don’t let anyone tell you what is true. Run for office and learn how to lie. Accept honesty if only for today.

*Note – updated to correct that Mr. Goldberg was Press Secretary of Maryland not Governor as previously stated.

2 thoughts on “April 30th National Honesty Day

  1. YOU might try being HONEST. You started out your BS by stating: “I find it very interesting that a political figure created today, M. Hirsh Goldberg, once Governor of Maryland in the 1990’s. He created it, ”

    M. Hirsh Goldberg was NEVER the Governor of Maryland you liar.

    So much for National HONESTY Day! Oy vey!


    1. We apologize for the error and have updated the post with the correct information that Mr. Goldberg was a former Press Secretary to the Governor of Maryland. We are only human and also piece together information from several sites and can get facts wrong occassionally. Although we do not mind correcting errors, we do wish they could be presented to us in a much more positive and constructive way in the future. Thank you for your comment and have a fabulous national honesty day!


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