April 23rd National Take A Chance Day

Most of us are very cautious about what we do. We choose what we think will work, or know will work, playing it safe so we are not disappointed with the results. Well today is about throwing caution to the wind, take chance. Look for a new job, tell someone you love them, sky dive, walk under a ladder, try tea instead of coffee in the morning. It’s not important what you take the chance with, it’s about the challenge and hope that it will work. (Certain fates should never be tempted) You may win, or you may lose, but at least you will have tried. Walking outside your house every day is taking a chance to a degree. (And in some houses it’s even a challenge to walk inside them.) The thing is, you will never know unless you try. Sometimes great things happen when you take a chance, sometimes you just learn a good lesson. The real failure in life is not to try at all.

How to celebrate – Try something new. Talk to someone you have been afraid to talk to. Believe in yourself, even if it’s just for today.

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