April 13th National Peach Cobbler Day

There use to be a favorite dessert made in the 1800’s called suet pudding. It was made from a number of different fruits and other ingredients that were not available to the settlers moving west in America. So, using what they could find they took peaches and mixed in dough and cooked it to replace the suet pudding they were use to. The peach cobbler was born. In fact, you can use practically any fruit and make a cobbler but then the Georgia Peach Council who created today back in the 1950’s would be as happy. And neither would a lot of people who love peaches, served warm and sweet with dough mixed in it and better still, a scoop of vanilla ice cream! It has become one of America’s favorite desserts and has made scores of people happy when served to them.

How to celebrate – Have some peach cobbler. Visit Georgia, where peaches are readily available. Create your own version of a peach cobbler.

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