April 1st International Fun at Work Day

Don’t you really wish that everyday was Fun at Work Day? I do. And now it’s available to you… so have some fun! It is April Fool’s Day as well so you should be able to get away with just about anything! We here at Unboxing the Bizarre are going to have a party, of sorts. We are going to party at work all day long! First, because we believe it’s better to work in a fun environment and second, because it’s our CEO’s birthday! Talk about your April Fools Day! (Not that they are a fool but, well… you know) Anyway, do whatever you can to make your day at work more fun for yourself, and those around you. The day will go faster and you might actually find yourself getting more accomplished!

How to celebrate – Go in to work today with the attitude of having fun. Find the good in the work you do. Make everyone’s day little better by finding a way to make their day more fun. (Games, contests, poems, etc.)

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