January 13th Make Your Dreams Come True Day

As we go through our lives a lot of our dreams seem to fall by the wayside. That is sad because what we live for is our dreams, that is why, in my humble opinion, so many people go through life getting more and more angry as their lives progress.

I have to admit I fall into this same pattern as nearly everyone else. I find my dreams slipping further and further away until they get to the point where I can barely see them anymore. But normally there is a good friend, family member or even a stranger that comes along and reminds me of my dreams and help me go back in search of them.

Well today is the day to start making your dreams come true. They may be baby steps but that doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that you are moving towards them instead of away from them. Now we aren’t talking dreams here like I will be King of the world, they have to be at least a little realistic, something that effort, luck and timing can make happen.

So enjoy your life, reach for the stars you hold over your reach and take the first step in making them come true. Then every day take another step, and another step and another step. You may or not get there, but half of winning is trying.

How to celebrate – Write down your dream and leave it where you can see it clearly every day. Make sure your dream is something a human can reach. Alter your dream when you have the chance to make them more attainable.

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