January 5th National Bird Day

Today is National Bird Day, not to be confused with Bird Day celebrated on May 4th. Although the days are sort of the same thing they are different. On National Bird Day we celebrate those birds native to the United States. The day was probably created by the U.S. Pet Industry in an effort to sell more birds.


There are a lot of birds in the Untied States. Some actually fly! My personal favorite is the Cardinal but that’s because my favorite color is red. My bet is, that if you like a particular bird it;’s because of the birds color. Or maybe their song, or maybe some other reason only known to you.


I live in Florida so we are normally surrounded by birds year round. Most of the time it’s good, sometimes it’s a little noisy but you get use to it. Birds can be majestic like the Eagle or tiny like the mockingbird. Each state has a bird that is considered native to their state, several states claim the same type of bird as their own.

download (3)

All you have to do is look up at the sky and admire the birds over head. (Just keep your mouth closed as you look up) Also, from personal experience, if you have one of the various birds you can teach words to do not, I repeat do not, teach to say… “Here kitty kitty”.


It’s interesting to think that Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be the turkey instead of the eagle. What was he thinking!?! My best guess is that he was thinking about lunch.

How to celebrate – Learn your state bird. Get a bird for a pet. Learn to do the chicken dance.

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