December 27th Make Cutout Snowflakes Day

Did it snow for Christmas for you? Here in Florid it rarely snows, and even if it does it doesn’t stick around long enough to enjoy it. (Yes I know many of you up north do not enjoy the shoveling of the snow and the driving conditions it creates) But there is something beautiful about snow.


So for those of us that don’t get snow, making snow is the only option. Of course, most snowflakes we make are made out of paper and therefore do not hold up well in the rain. The main idea of a snowflake is that just like people, no two are exactly the same. So when you are making your snowflakes you need to keep this in mind.


Since the kids are out of school for the holidays (We aren’t allowed to call it Christmas anymore) this will give them something to do. The newness of the Christmas toys is probably over anyway and they need to be kept busy.

images (2)

Now you can create your own way of making snowflakes. It really doesn’t matter. The point is not to make two of them the same. You can then hang them from the ceiling with different lengths of string and make it look like it is snowing all season long!

images (3)

Every time you walk into the room where they are hanging and smile, remembering who and how they were created.

How to celebrate – Cut out some snowflakes. Pick a room to hang them from. Make them out of paper that glows in the dark.

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