December 24th National Egg Nog Day

Today is both Christmas Eve and National Eggnog Day. It is a day Christians celebrate the coming of the Christ Child and what better way than having a glass of Egg Nog. Well, maybe there are more appropriate ways but the Eggnog is a tradition for Christmas Eve so pour yourself a glass.


Eggnog comes only during the holiday season, around Thanksgiving and runs out soon after New Years. To many that is way too short of a season for their favorite drink. Now if you are one of those people you can make it yourself! Here’s a recipe for you. You can have it all year round if you make it yourself!

images (2)

Adding a little rum to the eggnog makes it an adult drink, and a little less thick! maybe say this one for New Years Eve! And don’t forget the nutmeg, eggnog isn’t eggnog without the nutmeg! That is, of course, unless you don’t like eggnog.

download (3)

And instead of leaving milk and cookies for Santa, leave eggnog and cookies! And maybe a glass of water cause most eggnog is pretty thick. I don’t suggest the rum for Santa since he’ll be driving all night!


And have a Merry Christmas Eve! Eggnog is not what Christmas Eve is all about but it does make it a little better!

How to celebrate – Have some Eggnog! Make some Eggnog! Have a Merry Christmas.

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