December 23rd Festivus

Well, during the season when there are so many holidays why not create another! It’s not like Christmas or Hanukkah are enough, we need another one for those who don’t believe in anything except the gifts. Actually, it was created because Christmas has become too commercial.


That’s why it’s for everybody else! For those who choose not to celebrate anything. It was created by Daniel O’Keefe’s father in 1966. So how did it grow to what it is, or isn’t, today!?! Well Daniel O’Keefe was a writer on the Jerry Seinfeld show and wrote into one of the episodes and it became history after that.


It has simple decorations. Just an aluminum pole void of anything else. That makes it simple and something that cannot distract from daily life. there are no gifts or sentiments exchanged, it simply passes without anyone celebrating it or even acknowledging it.


There is no fancy supper, just a test of strength. If it were up to me, I would let someone else win quickly because the loss, or victory, of the test of strength ends the non-celebration of Festivus.

images (3)

So if you don;t want to celebrate anything this December, today is the day not to ‘celebrate it! Of course, you’ll need to figure out what to do with the aluminum pole afterwards. Perhaps, take up pole jumping!

How to celebrate – Buy an aluminum pole. Have a wrestling match. Don’t celebrate anything.

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