December 10th Human Rights Day

We all have rights. I am not exactly sure who gave them to us, but we do! Well, I guess they are given to us by the United Nations. And who gave them the rights? It was the General Assembly who made a declaration of human rights in 1948.

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Now I am not sure who gave them the right to make rights but they think they have them to give out. In fact they give them out several days during the year. So today is the day you can claim your rights, the United Nations said so. They won’t defend them anymore for you because the only way to do that is by taking away the rights of someone else.


I am not sure what rights we actually have just because we are born. I like to think we have rights but I haven’t seen them written down anywhere… and they don’t come with that manual you get with a child when they are born.


There should be rights and in an ideal world we all will share them with each other. It just seems like those with rights above our own are the ones who like to hand out those rights. So much of handing out human rights is just lip service. Maybe we should make sure today is a day where human rights really do get issued.


I wish we could give out and protect all those rights humans should have. So far it’s really just the lip service we have managed to issue out. If you say it long enough you might actually believe you are doing it.

How to celebrate – Figure out what rights humans should actually be given. Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? Would you protect someone’s rights if it meant giving up yours?

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